Vortech Superchargers V30 Fan Bracket for LS Platform

While browsing the PRI 2021 show in Indianapolis, we stopped to see our friends at Vortech Superchargers. Knowing that new products are the highlight of these shows, we wanted to see what it was for them. We spoke with Jose Flores from Vortech about their new LS mount for their large V30 fan.

The LS scene is obviously more popular than ever with the support of Vortech, depending on the size of your engine, you have capacities between 1,450 and 2,800 horsepower. “Our new LS bracket is designed to work with the LS platform and our large V30 gear case fan. With 50mm toothed belt, there are three different power sets; 94, 112 and 123-MM, ”said Flores. “The 94A will make about 1,450 horsepower, the 112 about 1,800 horsepower and the 123 about 2,800 horsepower. This is a basic and straightforward option for these engines and doesn’t require a ton of additional mods other than the water pump.

You will need to install an external water pump as this unit is designed to fit the passenger side engine head. If you are wondering about the free space in your vehicle, be aware that from the front of the engine you can see a little over 20 inches of product lying around. For more information on Vortech compressors and their new parts, visit their website here.

We’re here at PRI 2021 to collect the latest industry news. Stay tuned for more coverage of the show!

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