Volvo recalls nine 2021 models due to potential ABS and ESC failure


Volvo has announced a recall for a small number of vehicles in the United States due to an issue that could disable ABS and ESC.

Official recall documentation reveals that a hydraulic unit on certain Volvo hybrid models could have a weld between the electric motor’s rotor shaft and the magnetic assembly (armature) which may be partially or totally missing. This fault can lead to failure if the magnetic segments are not sufficiently welded and cause slippage between the motor shaft and the magnetic housing.

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The problem is most likely to occur in situations where high torque from the electric motor is required. Failure could result in the brake booster shutting down and deactivating ABS, ESC and all other hydraulic control functions, other than Volvo’s electronic brake force distribution (EBD) system.

The electric motor is from Continental, which was able to downsize a small number of affected units based on their serial numbers. As such, Volvo only needs to recall nine vehicles in the United States.

The recall involves certain 2021 S90L models built between November 2, 2020 and December 12, 2020, 2020-2021 Volvo XC60 models built between June 14, 2019 and March 8, 2021, and 2020-2021 Volvo XC90 models produced between May 16 , 2019 and November 27, 2020.

Volvo notified dealers of the recall on September 15 and will notify owners on November 12. To solve the problem, Volvo dealers will simply replace the affected hydraulic unit free of charge.

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