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Updated Tuesday October 26, 2021 – 2:38 PM

SEPE publishes job vacancies for the whole of Europe that can attract skilled workers already lacking in Spain

Municipal public works in Barcelona.Santi CogolludoEL WORLDaboral The 300,000 vacancies in the unemployed country: “We cannot play the game with half the workforce”

The labor crisis which affects sectors such as construction, industry or reforms, with up to 300,000 vacant positions, is also facing European competition. The SEPE publishes on the portal of the EURES program juicy offers of pass like Germany, which “tempt” the Spaniards with contracts of up to 20 euros per hour for a specialized heating plumber.

The program is not new, but this is how it illustrates labor shortages in certain occupations. Employers, associations and unions denounce in Spain that there are several professions which do not attract workers. Construction, for example, is struggling to shake off the stigma it acquired during the 2008 crisis and is now unable to masons, formwork, general managers, ferrallistas or crane operators. There are also no welders, mills or turners in the same way as there are truckers, sommeliers, specialist chefs or cloud architects. Europe also requires several of these profiles.

Thus, the aforementioned offer of plumbers is aimed at heating engineers, sanitary technology, heating and air conditioning installations, as well as central heating or ventilation gas installers and engineers, fire protection systems technicians, photovoltaic technicians and building electricians. In short, the replacement, maintenance and installation of systems.

In this case, a permanent contract is offered with a base salary of between 12 and 20 euros per hour. He asks, yes, a basic knowledge of German, which can be replaced by a basic language course which will be financed with European aid “at no cost to the successful candidate”. Employees will work “close to colleagues with a similar immigration background” and will also receive “assistance with arranging accommodation”.

It is not, far from it, the only offer of this profile. In Germany, too, they are looking for, for example, truck’s driver (between 2,300 and 2,500 euros per month, plus a bonus system of up to an additional 500 euros). BelgiumFor its part, it offers positions for specialists in the manufacture of refractories, although it is precisely in this case the Ghent steelworks of the Spanish company Pasek. They offer 14 euros gross per hour which could increase depending on experience and shifts.

At Netherlands there is a demand for a position that also has it in Spain: TIG welder. This is a temporary position of 1,700 hours which could subsequently become permanent. The minimum wage is 2,250 euros gross.

Norway look for masons and tilers also in demand, who might aspire to invoice between 20 and 24 euros per hour, To change. There are also places for hotel employees, doctors and even hairdressers. The latter position requires “excellent” English and some Norwegian or, at least, a predisposition to learn the language. The salary is in accordance with the agreement: a minimum of 165.25 NOK per hour (approximately 17 euros), plus commissions.

The list goes on: Denmark you need, among other things, butchers for the pig factories (around 2,400 euros per month); Slovenia, a second violin tutti for his philharmonic (1,670 euros gross), Finland, electricians; France, physiotherapists; Sweden, staff for greenhouses (12 euros gross per hour) …

However, not all countries request workers via this platform: Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Slovakia, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania and Switzerland do not appear . Who is it Spain, which has vacancies for doctors, nurses or hoteliers, in addition, of course, to the few drivers, welding and boilermaking agents and operators of slaughterhouse lines.

According to the criteria of

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