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Plans to build a new United Dairy Farmers (UDF) gas station at the company’s current site at 123 W. William St. in Delaware are under final approval. At its meeting on Wednesday, the Delaware Planning Commission approved the final development plan for the site’s reconstruction, sending the proposal to city council for further consideration.

A 6,055 square foot building is proposed to replace the existing gas station building, which spans 3,350 square feet. In addition to the building expansion, the fuel canopy would also be replaced and expanded to include four refueling pumps and a total of eight nozzles.

To make room for the expansion, UDF purchased the three properties directly east of the gas station, and those buildings have since been demolished.

The site improvements would include a total of three access points to the gas station. The William Street West access points would include right-to-right and right-hand edge cutting only and full motion edge cutting that would be shared with Tim Hortons if an easement agreement can be reached with Tim Hortons. Planning and Zoning Administrator Lance Schultz said he understands an easement is currently being developed between the two parties.

Along South Liberty Street, the full access point would essentially remain where it is now. Tim Hortons has approached the city about the reconfiguration of its drive-thru, including eliminating the eastern cup of cubs and sharing the western cup with UDF. The proposal documents stated that “these two projects represent an important opportunity to improve the existing conditions at both sites from a traffic point of view for the benefit of the public and customers in general”.

Last September, the commission approved the UDF’s preliminary development plan to rebuild the gas station, as well as the conditional use permit required for the gas station itself and the construction in the century-old floodplain of the city, in which the gas station is located. .

Following commission approval in 2020, the Delaware Board of Zoning Appeals approved a buffer margin deviation that was required to begin construction within 15 feet of the Delaware Run buffer zone. The existing UDF gas station is currently within the 15-foot setback, with the Delaware Run pipeline flowing under most of the building and the pump canopy. The building and canopy exist inside the diversion channel for the Delaware Run, and they would remain in the diversion channel under the current proposal.

However, if the project received final approval, the main building would be moved further east, with only a small portion of the existing building on the Delaware Run pipeline. “The proposal here, while slightly increasing the length of the pipe that is channeled, would in effect place the proposed building a little further from the runway and the diversion channel than it currently is, while significantly improving the traffic and safety both on site and in the surrounding area. network of streets, ”Planning and Community Development Director Dave Efland said of the project last year.

The first reading of the proposal will take place at the next council meeting, which is scheduled for Monday, August 9.

In the photo, a rendering of the proposed new United Dairy Farmers store will be built on the site of the company’s current location at the corner of West William and South Liberty streets in Delaware.

Current site planned for a complete overhaul

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