The 5 best cat food bowls


When it comes to a happy, well-nourished cat, the food you choose isn’t the only thing to consider. The best cat food bowls are made from stainless steel and shaped to prevent whiskers, according to Dr. Danielle Rosenberg, Associate Veterinarian at the Boston Veterinary Clinic. In order to make feeding your cat more comfortable, look for wide, shallow bowls – and if that suits the food you’re giving and your cat’s feeding style (read: your cat isn’t very messy ), it is also worth considering more plates. like shapes, especially if you have a fussy feline on your hands.

When it comes to materials, stainless steel beats plastic and ceramics for Dr. Rosenberg. Stainless steel is an excellent material for bowls because it is non-porous (so it does not trap bacteria like plastic even after washing), and most models are dishwasher safe. And although ceramic bowls with food safe glazes are also non-porous, they are much less durable than stainless steel because cracks and chips can form and when they do, it is better. to get a completely new bowl.

Beyond the shape and material of the base bowl, consider your pet’s specific needs. “Older cats with arthritis may benefit from not having to bend down to eat,” Dr. Rosenberg wrote in an email to Bustle. So if this is a problem for you, consider a raised design, which also has the added benefit of keeping things tidy. Alternatively, for messy cats, you might enjoy a design that comes with a mat that is dishwasher safe. Finally, when it comes to water, Dr Rosenberg recommends a fountain, because “cool, running water can make them drink more”. I have included a stainless steel option at the end of this listing.

Whatever bowl of cat food you use, Dr Rosenberg emphasizes that “the bowls should be washed / cleaned daily or even between meals, if possible”. Scroll on for the best options on Amazon to get you started.

1. The best overall

With a 1.25 inch shallow bowl and a unique plate-like shape with no steep sides, the Dr. Catsby’s Cat Food Bowl is designed with the sensitive mustaches in mind. The body is made of stainless steel, while the removable base is made of food-grade silicone so it doesn’t move around too much. In addition, it is dishwasher safe. With an overall 4.6 star rating after over 1,000 customers weighed in, it’s trusted by buyers, with plenty of writing indicating that it even worked for their picky pets. However, a few reviewers have reported that their cats easily throw food on the floor with this bowl, especially if you put more than one cup of food in at a time.

According to one reviewer: “We adopted a cat who only ate pieces of kibble that he took out of his bowl with his paw. We tried 3 other types of bowls and he acted like he was afraid of it. Then we thought maybe he was scared of a glint from the stainless steel so we tried ceramic bowls. It didn’t work either; he kept pulling pieces of kibble out of his bowl. Then we saw this Dr. Catsby food bowl for mustache relief and thought we should give it a try. Well, almost immediately our cat started to eat normally, face down in the bowl.

2. The best bowl of cat food at a low price

If thoroughness is less of a problem and you want to save a few bucks, this fan favorite stainless steel cat bowl has all bases covered for less than $ 10. It is made of stainless steel and has a permanent silicone loop at the base to reduce movement. It has a 1.1 inch deep shallow design to reduce mustache fatigue, and it is also dishwasher safe. One thing to keep in mind: a few reviews noted that the sticker can be difficult to remove, but one customer recommended that it is easy to do if you heat the bowl up, peel off slowly, and apply a little oil. olive oil on the remaining glue spots. . It has a capacity of one cup.

According to one reviewer: “This bowl is sturdy and has a non-slip bottom. Keep in mind that this is on the small side. It is perfect for feeding a single cat. the wide shape leaves room for mustaches.

3. The best raised bowl

Older cats or those who have trouble moving their necks may benefit from a raised bowl, according to Dr. Rosenberg. If this sounds like your cat, consider this Neater Feeder Raised Style. The included two dishwasher safe one-cup bowls are made of sanitary stainless steel 1.25 inch deep. It is also a popular choice among those with messy felines as the walls around the edge are high and the double-layered top has drainage holes on the top so that water or excess food can drain away. accumulates in the tray below for easier cleaning. The plastic frame feet also have non-slip silicone feet to hold items in place. It measures 4.75 inches and is available in gray or light brown.

According to one reviewer: “My cat is a messy eater and I would often find food everywhere, but the cat tray not only keeps it all inside, but also makes cleaning faster. The increased height also helps his back as he ages and does not like to bend over for long periods of time to eat.

4. A pair of cat bowls with a mat

If you have a messy cat, you will appreciate that the three detachable parts of this duo of bowls for cats with a silicone tray dishwasher safe. When they are placed together they are very difficult to knock over. Each bowl can hold up to 1.5 cups of food, and the bottom tray is non-slip to further reduce mess when it contains spills. Additionally, the included stainless steel bowls are only about 1.6 inches deep, which is the highest on this list but still relatively shallow.

According to one reviewer: “My cat can’t throw them away. It doesn’t slip on my kitchen floor. It’s a soft silicone that makes it easy for me to get in and out of the bowls but not for the cat. The bowls are the perfect size. The set is easy to clean.

5. A set of shallow bowls in a ton of sizes

Whether you have multiple cats using the same dish or just as options, these affordable cat food bowl sets are definitely worth considering. The 10-ounce size is only an inch deep, while the 56-ounce size is 1.4 inches, making it a great shallow choice for reducing mustache fatigue. Made from food-grade, dishwasher-safe stainless steel, they’re built to last. However, if you have a messy eater, keep in mind that it doesn’t have a non-slip bottom or some other mechanism to hold them in place. Choose from sets of two or four bowls.

According to one reviewer: “Our cats much prefer these bowls to small, deep bowls or plastic bowls. One of our cats has plastic allergies and they were immediately gone when we started using these bowls. They are easy to clean and resist even if dropped.

Also great: a stainless steel water fountain

Dr. Rosenberg recommends getting a fountain for encourage cats to drink more water. This cat filter fountain is designed to reduce splashing and you can adjust the flow. It is made of durable, non-porous stainless steel, and all parts except the pump and filter are dishwasher safe. In addition, it is silent at only 30 decibels.

According to one reviewer: “I used to have plastic fountains, but this stainless steel one is so quiet. Even when the room is quiet, I barely hear it. Cats love it too and it encourages them to drink more water.

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