Technical professionals can find a seat on a county board


Residents with technical knowledge and experience in the electrical, plumbing and mechanical trades can sit on boards of directors that ensure the quality of the work done by Hillsborough County contractors.

By Brad Stager

Ensuring that the construction, maintenance or modification of buildings and other structures in Hillsborough County meet established codes and standards for safety and comfort is a large part of the function of the relevant county councils which are made up largely of residents who donate their time and knowledge of the subject.

These councils in Hillsborough County include the Electricity Adjustment, Appeal and Review Council; the Mechanical Adjustment, Appeals and Examiners Commission; and the Plumbing and Gas Adjustment, Appeal and Review Board.

The Electricity Adjustment, Appeal and Review Council consists of seven members who represent the Hillsborough County Commission and the towns of Tampa, Plant City and Temple Terrace, as well as two alternates selected by the Council Hillsborough County Commissioners. Among its functions, the council is responsible for ensuring that the county’s electrical contractors know what they are doing and treat customers fairly.

Electrical contractors and engineers, as well as representatives from an electrical utility and the electricity trade, are among the four-year members. The alternate members of the board of directors serve two-year terms.

There are also seven members serving on the Plumbing and Gas Adjustment, Appeal and Review Council. Membership includes three Master Plumbers, a Journeyman Plumber or Natural Gas Installer, a Hillsborough County Health Department Representative, a Qualified Professional Engineer in Sanitary or Mechanical Engineering, and a Liquid Petroleum Installer or Master Gas Installer. licensed in Florida.

The Mechanical Settlement, Appeal and Review Board is responsible for ensuring the competence of mechanical contractors in Hillsborough County. Membership includes a Mechanical Contractor, two Class “A” HVAC Contractors, a Class “B” HVAC Contractor, a Florida Registered Professional Engineer qualified to work in the field of Mechanical Engineering, a Mechanical Representative, a sheet metal contractor and two back-up members who have knowledge and experience of working under mechanical codes and regulations.

Each of the councils are working with county departments to look after the quality of the work done by contractors, which has become a challenge with the ongoing construction boom. Harry Krapil is a Hillsborough County electrical inspector and addressed the Electricity Adjustment, Appeal and Review Board at its June 23 meeting on the county’s ability to monitor contractors .

“We’re full and I don’t see where my group should have trouble following the industry. “

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