Ridgecrest community members support the July 3 fireworks display


Community members are rallying to support this year’s fireworks display on July 3. Doors open at 4 p.m. The music will be performed by the Fulco and around 14 vendors will sell food on the grounds.

This year’s show is a combined Ridgecrest Lions Club and Ridgecrest Shoutouts event.

Bingo players get to work at a Ridgecrest Elks Lodge / Lions Club combo fundraiser on June 19 at the Lodge.  The event raised $ 3,219 for the Lions Community Fireworks Fund.

Bingo fundraiser earns 3k

A Ridgecrest Elks Lodge / Lions Club fundraiser on June 19 raised $ 3,319 for the Lions Community Fireworks Fund. The event at Elks Lodge was sold out, with 100 tickets purchased.

“Since last year’s show was ‘canceled’ as a ‘scheduled final’ for the Ridgecrest Lions Club as main sponsor, the biggest fireworks display ever, $ 30,000, is expected for this year, ”the Ridgecrest Lions Club said on its Facebook page.

Lily and PVC Plumbing bring in $ 11.1,000 in donations

Meanwhile, PVC Plumbing’s Chris Lily donated $ 500 and then asked Lion Steven Morgan how the fundraiser was going, Morgan said.

Following the conversation, Chris said he would “take action” to seek donations.

Lily’s efforts to reach out to local entrepreneurs at Ridgecrest amounted to raising $ 11,100 in donations to this year’s Lions Club Community Fireworks Show, Morgan said.

Lily and her team were instrumental in securing the following donations, according to Morgan:

South Bay EDC $ 2,500; Davis & Davis Plastering $ 500; Barry Pinchem plastering $ 500; Construction KC Martin $ 500; Entreprises Bertrand $ 500; Michaels Certified Air Inc. $ 500; Alignment T&T $ 500; Newman Drywall Service $ 500; Industrial supplies from Minert $ 500; Tire and movement wheel $ 500; Blair Zurn Electric $ 500; Cardinal Plomberie $ 500; Baskin Robbins $ 400; Construction Billy Freund $ 250; Jimmy Ramon – J&E $ 250; Kern Napa Auto Parts $ 250; Ed Salinas Electrical and Plumbing Services $ 250; United Rentals $ 250; Brian Watters $ 250; Gerald Killeen CPA, Inc. $ 250; Nelson’s automobile $ 200; Campbell Heating and Air $ 150; Michael J’s, Inc. $ 150; Gary Allred – general contractor $ 100; Darryl Silverberg $ 100; Bobbi & Leslie Brown $ 25 and Tina Buck – Pampered Chef $ 25.

“It’s a real community spirit,” Morgan said in a press release. Chris saw that we were struggling and he jumped aboard in a huge way !!! “

Lion Steven Morgan accepts a $ 500 donation from DART for the community fireworks show.  Pictured (L to R) Alden Burk, Shelley Anderson, Morgan, Cris Austin, Cristian Loya and Julianne Obregon.

DART also donated $ 500, and an “anonymous donor” also pledged to match $ 5,000 in community donations, Morgan said.

Donations are still being collected. Donation cans are placed throughout town, there is an online donation site, and mail-in donations can be sent to: The Ridgecrest Lions Fireworks Fund, PO Box 2301, Ridgecrest, CA. 93556. The Lions will also be collecting donations at the fairgrounds.

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