‘Pump Rules’ Fans Telling Nosy Lala Kent to Mind Her Business?

Lala Kent wants answers. However, Vanderpump Rules fans think she should mind her own business. The reality star recently took to her Instagram Stories this week to ask her followers some hard-hitting questions. She wants to know if they think someone who owes “a lot of money” and then buys a “new car” is considered a fraud.

Laala had even more questions about this shady person. This comes amid her split from Randall Emmett. The two ended their engagement in October 2021. Lala opened up about Randall’s alleged affairs and financial troubles. Fans think she talks about him on social media and think she should keep her stuff to herself.

Lala Kent recently hired a private detective

It is possible that the Give them Lala the founder could be a super-sleuth. Lala Kent has made it clear that she won’t make the same mistakes again. She hired a private detective to give her 411 on her appointments. During Amazon live to discuss Tuesday, February 8, Pump Rules The star admitted she had to “know everything” about them.

“I will never welcome anyone in my life again without a full background check, and I mean thorough,” said Lala Kent. “I need to see what your credit is. I need to know your family history. I need to know everything you’ve been involved in. I go deep.

[Credit: Lala Kent/Instagram]

The Utah native only uses PI for those she loves. She will send him a group of random men. The Bravo star wants to make sure she plays her love cards right this time around. Lala admits it stems from being “damaged” by someone she no longer has fond memories of.

“I only remember him disappearing, so maybe it’s on my mind to try and protect myself,” Lala added. “Let’s go back to the lighter part: he made it easy, believe me. There wasn’t much to miss.

The former couple went public in 2018. Later that same year, they announced their engagement. They have postponed their nuptials twice due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In March 2021, they welcomed their daughter, Ocean.

Vanderpump Rules the star gets curious

After admitting to hiring a PI, Lala Kent took to her Instagram Stories this week to ask her fans a good question. She shared an article about someone who recently bought a “brand new car” while owing money to others.

“If someone owes a lot of people a lot of money, [and] they go out and buy a brand new car, are they considered a fraud? Lala Kent wrote on Friday, February 11. She included the hashtags “privileges upon privileges upon privileges” and “get the dogs out.”

Lala Kent asks prying questions [Credit: Lala Kent/Instagram]
[Credit: Lala Kent/Instagram]

the well done chicks Instagram shared a screenshot from Lala’s Instagram story. They think it was directed at Randall. They captioned the post, “It looks like this battle with Randall will never end.” Pump Rules fans took to the comments section. Most agree it could be about her ex-fiancé. Some even think she should mind her own business now that they are no longer together.

  • “She’s p***ed I get it.”
  • “He’s just a despised person going wild.”
  • “As soon as she finds someone new, she stops! It’s a process.
  • “As long as he provides for his children, it’s none of his business how he spends his money. She must stop. It seems very despised.

It could also be Lala’s new man. She teased that she recently dated someone. However, she still dates her and checks her list of potential suitors. She probably wants to make sure they have a clean record.

Lala Kent gets curious on Instagram [Credit: Lala Kent/Instagram Stories]
[Credit: Lala Kent/Instagram Stories]

What are your thoughts? Do you think Lala Kent is talking about Randall? Or do you think she’s just watching her dates? Sound off below in the comments section.

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