Prefabricated pump station, the solution at Allegany County Fairgrounds

By Jared Carpenter

The Allegany County Fairgrounds, located just west of Cumberland, MD, occupy over 150 acres along the Potomac River. Across from the fairgrounds are the sheer cliffs of Knobley Mountain in West Virginia. The panoramic views to the south and east are spectacular and considered a major asset to the fair venue.

The fairgrounds are a hub of public and recreational activities, with family-friendly events like the County Fair, baseball games, private parties, and musical concerts such as DelFest, a popular annual festival held on weekends. of Memorial Day which celebrates the music of bluegrass legend Del McCoury.

Existing infrastructure struggles to keep up

As the number of events at the fairground increased over the years, it became evident that the venue did not have the proper sanitation infrastructure to accommodate the growing crowds. The number of full RV hookups (water, electricity and sewer) and partial RV hookups (water and electricity only) was insufficient for larger events with more demands than the fairground could accommodate. DelFest alone has reached over 30,000 spectators in its 13 years of existence.

With more and more people visiting the fairgrounds each year, it was also evident that an existing competing crusher pumping station was no longer able to handle the increased wastewater needs at major events like the Fairground. county and DelFest.

According to Mark Yoder, PE, senior project manager for Allegany County, the problematic grinding station required a multitude of service calls after each big event to unclog the pump.

“We had issues with the pump clogging with rags and baby wipes,” Yoder said.

A reliable partnership

With the current problem at hand, Allegany County staff knew they had a partner – and a solution – they could trust. In 2009, for a different station on the fairground site, the county worked with Sherwood-Logan & Associates Inc., a Xylem distributor in Annapolis, Maryland, to purchase and install a Flygt TOP fiberglass pump station. equipped with optional mixer. flush valve. At that time, the solution was new to the United States and to the Allegany County Fairgrounds.

Since this initial installation over 10 years ago, the TOP fiberglass pumping station has operated without interruption. “This station has been problem free,” Yoder said. “He never stopped up.

A proven solution

As plans were underway to expand amenities at Allegany County Fairgrounds Campground in 2020, it became apparent that the existing grinding pump that served the area needed to be replaced. Seeking to add another pumping station, Allegany County again turned to Sherwood-Logan & Associates to help design and engineer the solution. It was determined that the Flygt NP3127 model has 7.5 hp and would be able to handle the estimated 120 GPM of projected flow at 40 ‘TDH.

In addition to handling higher flow rates, the county wanted a solution that was quick and easy to install, accessible, easy to maintain, reliable and durable. For these reasons, Allegany County selected a second Flygt TOPS pump station for the site.

“The unique aspect of this solution is that it is a complete package system,” said Diane Graham, project manager for Sherwood-Logan & Associates. “The individual components are not from different suppliers. “

Pump stations packaged as TOPS come as a complete package with all the essentials ready to be installed, making it a more efficient and cost effective solution. These prefabricated pump stations are typically prefabricated, fabricated off-site, and delivered to site ready to install, saving programming time and project costs. By being designed, built and tested to the appropriate off-site standards, packaged pump stations can be installed much faster on-site.

Plus, the prepackaged fiberglass unit is lightweight and easy to handle. Excavation time and entry into the confined space at the exhibition center were reduced to a minimum, resulting in minimal labor and time on site. The fiberglass station is more resistant to corrosion and wear than concrete and does not require any additional interior protective coating. The innovative, self-cleaning design of the pump sump bottom in prefabricated pump stations directs solids and debris normally present in wastewater to the pump inlet where they can be efficiently pumped.

The new system includes a valve vault with control panel. The valve vault dramatically improves accessibility to pump station valves and controls, placing check valves, isolation valves and pump station controls within easy reach for inspection, maintenance or normal service. And because the wet well and valve box came complete with piping and guide rails, installation and commissioning was remarkably quick and easy.

Packaged pump station clears blockages while saving energy

Allegany County Fairgrounds began expanding its amenities in January 2020, including adding 30 new RV hookups with water, sewer, and electricity with plans for 36 more. The county has also installed a new RV dump station so campers not directly connected to the sewer can dispose of their sewage before leaving, helping to remove the flow of the existing less reliable competing mulcher pump. The new Flygt TOP pumping station, installed in the spring, is equipped to handle all the added wastewater infrastructure, including the dump station.

“Now when the live events return with their large crowds, the county is ready,” said Kevin Kamauf, director of Allegany County Fairgrounds.

The prefabricated pump station has eliminated pump plugs and easily accommodates new RV hookups. The TOP pump station design purges more deposited and floating solids than flat bottom stations, and the efficient pump technology guarantees 25% energy savings.

The design of the integrated pump station has also eliminated costly maintenance and costly unscheduled service calls, and routine maintenance of pumping equipment can be performed safely and easily. Thanks to the reduction in service calls, the customer has regained peace of mind.

With the return of the Allegany County Fair in July and live music events like the 14e Annual DelFest in September, guests visiting the Allegany County Fairgrounds can rest assured that they will have access to safe drinking water and sanitation facilities.

Jared Carpenter is a sales representative for Xylem Inc. and has been with the company for over five years. Xylem works with water and sanitation utilities in the United States and around the world to solve critical water and infrastructure problems through innovation.

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