Plumber went hysterical after client’s predictive text yell



A plumber was left in tears of laughter after a text message from a customer’s text message received a much more sassy flavor from his cell phone.

George Cox was due to install a new boiler at Wendy Loftus-Martin in Hinckley, Leicestershire, but the day before he arrived, Wendy texted him to check on how to stay away as she was working from home.

She meant by message, “Hi George, I’m working from home tomorrow.” Would it be better for you if I worked in the office or in the dining room?

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However, her phone’s predictive text feature managed to turn the word work into something much coarser by changing the “O” in the job to an “A” and the “R” to an “N”.

George uploaded the fun meet-up to Facebook and received hundreds of likes and comments

George, who has her own family business, GEC Services, cheekily replied that it was “up to her to decide where she did it”.

Wendy, who calls herself “not tech savvy,” says she has “never been so embarrassed,” but her family were “hysterical” over the story and thought her failed text was a “hoot absolute “.

The father-of-three said the next day his 58-year-old client was “laughing out loud” at the predictive text misstep and asked for “no comments please”.

But the plumber admits that he and his co-worker couldn’t resist an “every now and then”.

Wendy has since vowed to check her posts in the future to avoid setting foot there again.

George, from Alveston, Warwickshire, said: “I read the post and was screaming with laughter. My wife [Victoria Cox] said ‘what’s so funny?’ I read it to her and she got wet.

“I’m texting all of my clients to let them know we’re coming, what time and what not and it turns out she texted ‘well, I’m working from home, so where would you like that I work? ‘

“I saw him appear on my phone and thought I would answer him in a minute, then I got a text right away saying ‘Oh my God. Gas is kidding’ and I thought what is her husband laughing for?

“She was laughing heartily, bless her. She did laugh. This word was mentioned several times in the conversation as a passing laugh.

“It’s just funny enough, every once in a while a sarcastic comment is made to joke with me and my buddy who works with me now chuckles a bit.”

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The mother-of-two said she was convinced the text was correct before sending it, but she will certainly check every message in the future to avoid another “big mistake”.

Wendy said: “It was a Sunday night and I was working from home on Monday and George was coming to install my new central heating system and I didn’t know where to put my office.

“I sent him the text and just as I sent it I saw the note instead of working and there was nothing I could do about it, he was gone.

“Why did my phone pick up that word? Why would it do that? I just don’t understand at all.

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“I just said to my husband ‘oh my God I can’t believe what I just did.’ I read it to him and he was crying. My son was in his room and he was laughing hysterically. world I just thought it was an absolute hoot.

“I’m 58, I’m not technical at all. It just happened and I was absolutely mortified to be honest with you, I’ve never been so embarrassed in my life.

“I met him in the car and just said ‘no comments please’. We had a little chuckle.”

The plumber thought the incident was “too funny” not to be shared on Facebook, and has since uploaded the “hilarious” exchange between the two, and has amassed over 350 likes and comments.

One commentator said: “It’s awesome lmao.”

Another added: “Oh Wendy.”

A third said: “Quality”.

A fourth remarked, “Throw him a box of tissues when you get there.”

A fourth remarked: “It’s hilarious.

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