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SOUTHWEST OF MIAMI-DADE, FLA. (WSVN) – An elderly couple woke up to a flood of trouble at their southwest Miami-Dade home on Christmas Day, but a few Good Samaritans answered the call for help to save the holidays.

Carmen Santiago, 85, immediately knew something was wrong with the mooring on Saturday, when she saw her house flooded completely flooded.

It was a terrible situation, especially as she is trying to take care of her husband, who suffered a stroke last week.

“I was scared, because everything was flooded,” she said.

Not knowing what to do, Santiago quickly called his daughter, Carmen Dewan.

“We were overwhelmed. It’s Christmas Day and my mom called me in a panic, ”Dewan said.

Dewan rushed home to find his mother trying to sweep the water away.

Since Santiago has no insurance, Dewan realized they were going to need backup.

She called her friend Chris Savarots, who is a plumber.

“I closed the corner stop on the toilet to make sure no more water was coming out,” he said.

But the house was still flooded, and that’s where Juan Matos from the emergency services intervened.

“We are here to help him this morning on Christmas Day,” he said.

Matos loaded his truck full of supplies, drove to Santiago and got to work.

“Everything is going to be dry. They won’t have mold, ”he said.

Santiago said she was more than grateful for these good Samaritans. While they may not be the guests she thought she was having on Christmas, she said she wouldn’t have done it any other way.

“Thank you and a merry Christmas to everyone,” she said.

“Yes, thank you,” Dewan said.

Everyone who helped Santiago did it for free.

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