Plumber (46) “in difficulty” when he stole equipment for his work


A plumber who stole work materials by blaming them on a former employer at a construction store was in financial difficulty at the time, a court said.

onan Parkes (46) stole € 660 worth of plumbing equipment in a robbery from a Dublin trading equipment outlet.

Adjourning the case, Judge Gerard Jones said he would treat him “very leniently” if he paid compensation, but if not, he would have to return to court with “his bags packed”.

Parkes, a father of three from Berryfield Road, Finglas South, has pleaded guilty to theft.

Blanchardstown District Court learned that the incident occurred at Chadwicks in Lucan on July 17 of this year.

Garda Sergeant Walter Sweeney said that day that Parkes walked into the store and picked goods worth £ 660.

He went to the point of payment, he was known to the cashier and he requested payment to proceed to an account.

However, he did not have access to this account. The goods were not collected.

Work was very sporadic at the time and Parkes had been out of work for several months, his lawyer said.

He had “previously worked for a man who had an account at Chadwicks” and had purchased plumbing supplies because he had been promised work that day.

Parkes had struggled to make his mortgage payments and “it was a very, very bad attempt to get the materials he needed to start some work.”

Judge Jones adjourned the case to March next year for the payment of compensation.

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