Pizza Man on strike over plumbing issues affecting Henry’s


A group of Pizza Man employees on Downer Avenue coordinated a strike after they said plumbing problems inside the pizzeria were causing significant damage to Henry’s, the nearby bar.

A normally occupied corner of Downer and Belleview on Tuesday, September 28 has gone silent.

“They were making temporary repairs to try and stop the leak, but it just went on and on,” said Samantha Schoenwalder, a former Pizza Man employee.

Schoenwalder, who worked at Pizza Man for about three years, said persistent plumbing issues from the upstairs kitchen of the pizzeria are causing damage to Henry’s, the bar and the grill next door. Fed up, she and Jackson Schuh rallied a group of colleagues, texting their managers on Thursday, September 23.

“Henry’s is a small business that doesn’t deserve this treatment,” said Schuh. “We just want to make our voices heard and see the issues resolved.”

It was at this point, according to Schuh and Schoenwalder, that the people who were supposed to work and who did not show up were made redundant.

“Most of us got a call from our CEO that we had voluntarily resigned,” Schoenwalder said.

The next day, they say the company called a meeting, trying to rectify the situation. Some employees have returned to their jobs. Others are leaving for good.

“Bring tears to my eyes… some of them, I don’t even know them.” “

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Nader Pakroo, owner of Henry’s, said he was moved by their support.

“Bring tears to my eyes,” Pakroo said. “Some of them, I don’t even know them.”

Pakroo told FOX6 News that the plumbing issues weren’t new, sharing videos from 2014, 2018, June 2021 and, most recently, last week.

“During these tough times that we’ve been through over the past two years, this is the last thing we needed,” said Pakroo.

Tuesday, the doors of the pizzeria were locked.

FOX6 News has left several messages for its parent company, F Street Hospitality, but has not received a response. Outside you’ll find excuses for: “Any inconvenience you encountered with the plumbing problem” and a notice that the restaurant would be “closed Tuesday for repairs”.

“I just hope this is the last time we have to go through something like this,” Pakroo said. “Wait and watch.”

Pakroo says he was told the source of the problem was the leak on one of the restaurant’s kitchen appliances. He was invited upstairs on Tuesday and said “global work” was underway to resolve the issue.

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