November 23 Continental Village Council Minutes

The Continental Village Council met in ordinary session in the Council meeting room on November 23, 2021 under the chairmanship of Mayor Miller. Members present were Armey, Bartley, Knipp and Streicher. Also in attendance were Administrator Prowant, Police Chief Hardy, Fire Chief Williamson and Finance Officer Darby. Visitors: None Absent: Varner & Sullivan. The meeting opened with the pledge of allegiance.

Council considered and adopted a motion approving the minutes of the previous regular meeting, invoices as presented, receipts since the last meeting and a purchase order from yesterday and today over $ 3000. for Interdyne Corp. $ 4,765. And ML Tech for $ 6,403.80, both for the green sand filter remake. Management reports presented, approved by signature.


Update of the water tower: The pressure test will take place once we have verified that the mixer is operational.

Heavy duty pump: Buckeye Pump has the pump in the store for repairs. I still do not know if it is covered by the warranty. A discussion took place and Council approved that it be fixed anyway and returned to service.

Rehabilitation update: Moody’s installed the adapter and the pitless pump and hopes to have the motor installed tomorrow and then bring well 6 back online.

Clearwell Inspection and Cleaning: The clearwell was inspected and everything looked good. We have not yet received the report.

Updated Greensand filter: One of the manhole doors has been completed and work has started to replace the bracket. Leis is satisfied with the job. We also received the 300 gal. chlorine storage tank for the water system. It was discovered that the 500 gal. reservoir allowed chlorine to dilute in the system and made it difficult to regulate.

Update from the review committee: The review panel held a brief meeting prior to this meeting and spoke by phone with a landowner about an ongoing dispute over the status of his property. The board of directors will compile a list of specific items with a specific deadline for certain critical items to be completed for a property on Rice Street. A house that reported to the board of directors on Oak Street was recently sold in an auditor’s sale to Habitat for Humanity. They will clean the property if the weather permits.

Building permit: Request for renewal of a building permit initially issued on 25/5/21 for a resident on 6e St. for the porch railings, gutters and fence has been reviewed and approved. A resident of Third is applying for a permit to replace approved porch and gutter spouts.

New company:

Opening of offers: The opening of the sealed bids for the SCBA for the American Firefighters Grant has taken place. The tender notice was posted for two weeks in the Putnam County Sentinel, but only one bid was returned. Fire Chief Williamson had also sent messages to other companies that handle the air packs, but they did not respond. The application package was opened by finance officer Darby and read aloud. A proposal of 13 Pro air packs, 26 to 45 minute cylinders and 25 masks for a total of $ 96,170.00 by Atlantic Emergency Solutions. Council approved the bid proposal as presented on behalf of the fire department and approved payment from the fire department of the project with the money from the fire department in the general fund. .

Fire Department Update: Chief Williamson said two firefighters will be leaving the service this year and he expects more retirements over the next two years. He would like to keep the number of active firefighters at 25 so they interviewed two replacements, Ross Siefker and Spencer Ordway. The council approved a motion to accept the chef’s recommendation and add these two to the rooster. There are no training courses until May 2022, so they cannot get into the fire truck or perform active fire operations, but he would like them to wear pagers and drive their vehicles on places and observe.

Photocopier: Perry ProTech offered a quote to replace our obsolete copier with a rented unit. It would cost $ 108 / month for 60 months. Council approved the rental of the copier.

Medical Marijuana Dispensary Ordinance: Recently, a number of villages in the area have been contacted to allow a dispensary to operate within the limits of their society. Welch drafted an ordinance to ban this in the village of Continental. Discussion held and no one disagreeing with the ban, Council approved first reading.

Lawyer contract resolution: Approved the first reading of a resolution for a two-year renewal of the lawyer’s contract with his one-year option.

Letter from the resident: A letter from a resident requesting reimbursement was reviewed. Since a close family member sits on the board and cannot vote on the issue due to a lack of quorum, the issue was postponed until the next meeting.

Update on Norfolk and Southern leases: Attorney Welch sent a letter terminating the village’s lease for the old railroad property. The Impala has been relisted on the site and the auction will end on December 13e.

Year-End Debt Report: Darby presented the Village Debt Report. She informed the board that she and the fire chief had discussed repaying the fire truck loan in 2022, then applying that payment to the fire station loan in 2023 and continuing until the loan. be reimbursed. These are the only interest-bearing loans currently available to the village. Repayments of the Water Tower loan will begin in January 2022.

Mayor Miller wished everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

Next meeting : The next meeting is Tuesday, December 14 in the council chamber at 7 p.m. Having no other business for the good of the village, the council is adjourned.

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