New Liebherr 36 XXT truck-mounted concrete pump: light, compact and flexible

  • 36 m boom as a five-fold folding machine in a new design
  • Unique Liebherr Powerbloc drive unit
  • The semi-closed oil circuit offers a multitude of advantages

Innovative technologies have been combined in a compact machine: the new 36 XXT self-propelled concrete pump combines the advantages of the new five-fold folding boom with the Powerbloc drive unit and the semi-closed oil circuit. The set has also received an attractive new look.

After extensive testing, sales of the brand new Liebherr 36 XXT truck-mounted concrete pump are now starting. The result: a true all-rounder, packed with technical innovations from Liebherr. Many wishes of pump operators have been taken into account, such as ergonomic access steps, simplified accessibility and increased storage and storage possibilities.

An extremely compact package with no rear boom overhangs ensures great maneuverability in confined spaces. The machine is weight optimized and therefore moves with a total weight of around 26 tonnes on three axles, depending on the equipment. The XXT support ensures perfect stability. It shows its strengths especially when it comes to narrow supports, so confined spaces are no problem. The modern radio remote control allows sensitive boom movements. The clear color display shows the operator all important parameters.

The new 5-part boom allows maximum flexibility on the job site. Especially when concreting in buildings, the boom turns out to have very good sliding properties. The five arms make it easy to reach a wide variety of job site positions. The boom design and kinematics ensure low vibration and even work when placing concrete.

The shape of the loading hopper promotes a homogeneous flow of the concrete and a very good suction behavior. Two separately driven agitators push concrete directly into the suction area, which works great even with difficult to pump concrete types.

Unique Powerbloc drive unit

One of the highlights of the new 36 XXT is the new “Powerbloc” pump drive unit from Liebherr. It is characterized by the fact that all hydraulic switching and measuring elements are fully integrated. This eliminates the need for many hydraulic hoses and other previously required components. The drive unit is therefore a special type in the world of concrete pumps. The characteristics of the new system are its robustness, high performance and quiet operation.

Semi-closed oil circuit (HCC)

The new drive unit is combined with the highly efficient semi-closed oil circuit, which supplies all drives powerfully and reliably with hydraulic energy. As a result, the oil volume could be greatly reduced. The new Liebherr system combines the advantages of the open and closed circuits currently proven on the market, without their respective drawbacks. Customers confirm the quiet and powerful operation of the pump.

Thanks to the extensive catalog of accessories, none of the customer’s wishes remains unfulfilled: for example, state-of-the-art LED lighting designs for optimal work in the dark, various storage boxes for materials and tools as well as shelves for extension hoses are available.

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