New Cat 304 and 305 CR Mini Excavators Deliver More Power and Performance

Designed to provide an enhanced customer experience, the new Cat 304 4-Ton and 5-Ton Cat 305 CR next-generation mini excavators deliver more pump power, higher bucket breakout forces and standard digging depths deeper to increase performance by up to 20% compared to their E2 series counterparts. Industry-leading grease intervals and extended filter life, combined with common components across the line and flat, easy-to-replace side panels help reduce costs by up to 10% operating and operating.

The new 304 and 305 CR models are the latest machines to be redesigned to incorporate the Cat Next Generation Mini Excavator family concept. From 1.5 to 10 ton class models, the range of 17 to 20 Cat mini hydraulic excavators (depending on region) offer common functionality and a consistent control layout to simplify operator training and adaptation .

New 304 increases stability

Built with a new reduced radius design, the 304 features a narrow track width of 1700mm (66.9in), 254mm (10in) thinner than the 304 E2, for added versatility and access to confined spaces . Although narrower, the new 304 design increases the performance, balance and stability of the 4 ton class model. Its reduced radius allows for greater stability, both at 360 degrees and when moving with loads, while its additional counterweight option takes the model to an even higher level of stability.

Compact performance of the 305 CR

The Cat 305 CR 5-Ton Excavator’s new engine delivers nearly 9% more horsepower to boost machine performance. Hydraulic system upgrades provide higher breakout forces – 49.2 kN (11,061 lbf) bucket, 28.3 kN (6,362 lbf) standard stick, and 25.2 kN (5,665 lbf) long stick ) – to improve digging efficiency in hard rock applications. It also offers 140 mm (5.6 inches) deeper digging depths than the 305 E2, giving it greater application flexibility. Its compact swing radius reduces overhang when working sideways, while its 1980mm (78in) track width and new additional counterweight option help optimize stability and lift performance in confined spaces.

Advanced efficiency

Both excavator models now offer an angled backfill blade option to optimize machine flexibility in backfill and finish grading applications. In addition to offering a great stroke above and below ground level with a standard float feature for easy cleaning, the angular blade moves 45 degrees left or right of center. By increasing efficiency and reducing operator interaction with final grading, the angular movement of the blade is controlled by the right joystick, while the left joystick manages the drive of the machine.

Matching machine weight to job demands, interchangeable counterweight assemblies provide the balance between low ground pressure and lifting performance. Their industry-exclusive Cat Stick Steer system simplifies machine control by allowing the operator to switch from conventional lever / pedal steering controls to low-effort joystick operation. Two ground speed ranges and a standard cruise control make it easy to move around the job site with minimal operator interaction.

Compliant with US EPA Tier 4 Final and European Stage V emissions standards, the Cat C1.7 Turbo turbo engine delivers more power than the previous C2.4 engine. Standard automatic idle, automatic engine shutdown and efficient load sensing hydraulics with variable displacement pump help reduce fuel consumption on site for more affordable operation. High main relief pressures, combined with flow rates, generate hydraulic capacity for high digging and lifting forces and more efficient use of a range of attachments. Complete with quick disconnect lines, the standard auxiliary system offers the choice of unidirectional, bidirectional or continuous flow.

New generation comfort, savings

Common to most next-generation Cat mini-excavators, the sealed, pressurized cab enclosure is available with heating and / or cooling for all-weather climate control. The large glass surfaces of the cabin and the skylight provide all-around visibility. The large display with an advanced touchscreen option allows intuitive control of machine functions and easy monitoring of critical operating parameters. An awning option is available in some areas.

Daily maintenance checks for the 304 and 305 CR are quickly performed from ground level through the side doors. The increased use of common parts down the line along with their damage-resistant exterior construction helps reduce the investment in parts inventory and repair costs. Extended service intervals mean these excavators spend more time on the job and less time in the shop.

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