MBMC Inducts Tallest Hydraulic Aerial Ladder Platform for Fire and Emergency Services Wing

As the twin city’s residential and commercial spaces reach new heights, the Mira Bhayandar Municipal Corporation (MBMC) has finally added its tallest Hydraulic Aerial Ladder Platform (HALP) to the wing’s armory. fire and emergency services.

To ensure that their firefighters are properly prepared and to strengthen the ability of the fire and emergency department to fight fires and carry out rescue operations, especially in high-rise buildings, the city administration purchased a state-of-the-art fire truck with a 90-meter hydraulic ladder that will be put into operation on May 16. The hydraulic platform can scale up to 32 floors and help firefighters conduct firefighting and rescue operations.

Previously, the tallest ladder of MBMC’s Fire and Emergency Services Wing was limited to 67 meters and could reach up to 67 meters (24 stories). MBMC became the third civic body after Mumbai and Thane to secure the highest HALP.

“The multi-faceted equipment has a host of specific features and its entry into our existing firefighting fleet would add additional power to our force in dealing with high-rise emergencies,” Fire Chief Prakash said. Board. Purchased at a price of Rs. 22 crore, the firefighting unit was procured from a reputed Finnish manufacturing company that is a global supplier of truck mounted aerial platforms.

The microprocessor-based electro-hydraulic control system allows precise and easy operations in the most difficult conditions, with sufficient reserve power, high water pumps and stability to withstand the enormous wind pressure at heights vertiginous.

The company trained a batch of 20 firefighters on how to handle, operate and maintain the HALP. Currently, the MBMC has eight fire stations. However, considering the booming population and vast land area, it is likely to increase to 14 in the near future.

Published on: Saturday 07 May 2022, 19:04 IST

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