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Six years of preparation and two proposed locations later, the Town of Marina finally approved the construction of a pump runway, a first for Monterey County. The pump tracks, which can be used by cyclists of all ages, are a winding loop of earth berms and small mounds called “rollers.” If a rider hits the dips and curves correctly, pumping their body to maximize momentum and control gravity, they can ride the track without even pedaling.

On November 2, Marina City Council approved the project submission, with an estimated budget of $ 1.6 million (including $ 177,952 from grant funding), away from the 30 earth pumping track. $ 000 from two members of Monterey Off Road Cycling. Association brought before the municipal council in 2015.

“This is the reality,” Mayor Bruce Delgado says of the price tag. “If you want a place that is a destination, a safe place, and a place of high caliber, you don’t get that cheap.”

The track will be located at Gloria Jean Tate Park, just east of Highway 1 and north of Reservation Road, and unlike the pumping track proposed by MORCA members in 2015, Marina’s will be paved. which is easier to maintain and is also accessible to snowboarders or children riding a scooter. Marina public works manager Brian McMinn said the first improvements to the park – which also include restrooms, ADA-compliant parking and more – would be next summer.

Delgado calls the runway “much bigger and much grander” than the 2015 proposal, and it’s something he hopes to give downtown Marina a boost.

“It’s regional in its appeal,” says Delgado, “and our families are crying out for more recreation.”

Darius Rike, a MORCA member who proposed the track in 2015 and has worked with the city on the vision for years, is delighted that the track is finally ready to become a reality. “A typical pump run takes five years, and we’re down to six now,” Rike says, but he applauds the city’s efforts so far. “I think they did a really good job with the design.”

The Marina pumping track will basically consist of three different tracks, two of which will intersect in the middle and a smaller track for beginners only. McMinn says additional equipment, like bike racks and a bike repair station, could potentially be added to the project if bids to build the track itself come back low enough.

Cristina Medina Dirksen, Marina’s board member who has been a big supporter of the track, describes her excitement as “off the charts”, and is delighted that her 12-year-old threesome daughters can ride it from home.

“I’ve lived here for over 20 years seeing this site off the highway and seeing such potential, and I’m just delighted that we have the ability to move this project forward,” said Medina Dirksen. “It’s high time we had something new to do for our young people.

It became even clearer, she says, during Covid. “Any excuse to get [my daughters] out of the house I’m on board, and I think a lot of parents feel it.

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