Joel Osteen’s church plumber finds cash stash, checks in the wall; police say it could be related to the 2014 robbery

Authorities are currently investigating whether the find had anything to do with a 2014 theft from the mega-church, police confirmed. (AP Photo / Pat Sullivan File)

(NEXSTAR) – A Houston plumber claims to have found “about 500” envelopes full of cash and checks inside a wall of Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church.

Investigators believe the find may have been linked to a 2014 theft from the mega-church, police confirmed.

The plumber made the claim Thursday morning during a call to a radio show in Houston, saying he found the envelopes about a month ago while working in a bathroom.

“I went to remove the toilet and removed some insulation and about 500 envelopes fell off the wall. I was like, ‘Oh wow’, ”the plumber said on the Houston radio show, as first reported by Click2Houston.

The plumber also said he warned a church worker, who contacted authorities.

“At approximately 2:30 p.m. on November 10, Houston police were called to Lakewood Church at 3700 Southwest Freeway for a report of the property found in the building,” he added. Houston Police Department confirmed on Twitter on Friday. “Church members said that during a renovation project, a large amount of money – including cash, checks and money orders – was found inside. a wall.

An “undisclosed sum” was found, police said, although it was left at the church. Authorities now believe the find is linked to a 2014 theft from the church, in which $ 600,000 in donations were stolen.

The investigation is ongoing.

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