Ingersoll Rand Introduces New High Capacity Underwater Hydraulic Hoist


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[By:Ingersoll Rand]

Ideal for harsh and unusual applications above deck and underwater, Ingersoll Rand has introduced the underwater hydraulic hoist for ship repair and maintenance, rescue and salvage operations, submarines A image containing text, tool

Description of the maintenance and repair operations generated automatically, and of the underwater dismantling structures. Operators can operate the underwater hoist at depths of up to 30 meters underwater, where repairs or maintenance are often required.

“The Ingersoll Rand® underwater hydraulic hoist enables people to perform underwater repairs at dock or at sea. This can save customers thousands of dollars by avoiding the time and expense of putting a ship in dry dock for repairs or maintenance, ”said Austin Lieb, vice president of product management, Ingersoll Rand Material Handling. “Based on feedback from maintenance divers, we designed the underwater hydraulic hoist to provide the greatest maneuverability underwater.

Built to meet industry safety and regulatory engineering standards, the hoist moves equipment safely, reliably and efficiently. The underwater hydraulic hoist is available in capacities ranging from six to 50 tons.

The standard features of the underwater hydraulic hoist are designed to meet submersion conditions at temperatures as low as -20 ° Celsius / -4 ° Fahrenheit. The suspended controller suitable for divers can be operated with one hand so that the other hand can be free to control and steer the load underwater. There are two sizes of corrosion resistant chains to choose from and a fully enclosed gearbox and motor to protect the integrity of the gears. For safe operation, automatic disc brakes apply directly to equipment set to slow the system.

Other features include:

A balancing valve to provide precise control of the descent speed

Directional flexibility to position equipment for vertical or horizontal use

Sandblasted surface preparation and offshore painting system

Rugged all-steel construction that provides maximum durability

The underwater hydraulic hoist meets the classification of the European Material Handling Federation (FEM) with a drive mechanism classification of 1Bm and has a standard rating of B30.16 from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) .

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