Here’s why you should support local businesses on Small Business Saturdays

It is no secret that many local businesses have suffered a severe blow during the pandemic. In fact, many have been forced to shut down permanently due to the devastating impact of the economic crisis. This is all the more reason to help companies that made survive continue to thrive. Here are some great reasons to pump money into local establishments on Small Business Saturday, which is the Saturday after Black Friday.

1. Small businesses are good for communities

When small businesses thrive, their owners don’t just pocket the money and run. They tend to put that money back into their businesses by creating jobs. And local jobs are a good thing to have.

2. Small Businesses Can Offer Better Products and Services

When ordering items from a big box store or from a site like Amazon, it can be difficult to know what went into producing those items. But when you buy from a local business, you will often have the opportunity to speak to the owner about sourcing the produce. It can make you shop with more confidence.

Now one thing to note is that small business shopping can often mean paying more for a given item. But think about the quality you get in return. A $ 20 sweater at a big box store might seem like a better deal than a similar sweater that costs $ 40 at a local boutique – until that $ 20 sweater comes undone after a few months and the one at 40 $ withstands a lot of wear and washing.

Finally, you will often get better customer service from a small business than from a large chain. If you’re returning a product to a large chain and you’re outside the store’s return window, there’s a good chance you’re out of luck. A big reason for this is that a large chain doesn’t need your business when it makes hundreds of millions of dollars in sales every year. A small business, on the other hand, may be more inclined to work with you in such a situation.

3. Small businesses can help property values ​​improve or stay strong

Communities that have a lot of successful businesses are attractive to potential home buyers. A good range of local businesses can help improve home values. On the other hand, when too many businesses close, it sends the message that a given community is not worth investing in or buying a home. This could result in a drop in property values.

It pays to buy locally

If you’re strapped for savings and you’ve already maxed out your vacation budget, you shouldn’t go into debt in an attempt to pump money into local businesses. But if you still have your fair share of shopping to do, then it’s worth supporting local establishments as much as you can.

American Express reports that 78% of small businesses say holiday sales will impact their ability to keep their doors open in 2022. By supporting these establishments, you may end up doing your part to help yourself and your community. That’s reason enough to look outside of those big box stores.

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