H&P Insights: demystifying digital transformation; “This new normal”



Demystifying digital transformation

For the oil and gas industry, hydropower is both the end product and a critical operation within plant operations. Understanding the health of the equipment within the facility is essential. This is where digital transformation comes in.

In a new Hydraulics & Pneumatics article, authors Amit Patel and Jason Maderic d’Emerson get right to the heart of the matter. “To some, the term ‘digital transformation’ may sound cryptic and complicated, but it’s really about taking practical steps to make operations clearer, easier and more tangible,” they write. “By definition, digital transformation is a process that a facility, system or piece of equipment undergoes that enables end users to see real-time data, make decisions based on it, and act on it. of these decisions.

“Digital transformation puts the right information in the hands of the right expert, wherever they are, improving the speed and accuracy of decision-making and action,” they add.

“This new normal”

In a broad interview with Hydraulics & Pneumatics, Saar Yoskovitz, co-founder and CEO of machine health firm Augury, discussed the double blow that the pandemic and the trade wars have had on the digital transformation process.

“We are seeing a lot, a lot more investment in digitization and automation. We’re also seeing – perhaps a recency bias due to COVID-19 – more investment in remote collaboration capabilities. So I think companies have woken up to this new reality, this new normal, ”Yoskovitz said. “After COVID, and maybe after the trade wars, they envision a much more local supply chain: how do we find local suppliers of raw materials? How to reduce dependence between different countries? “


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