Government plans to replace Pulichintala ridge gates with hydraulic gates



By Express news service

VIJAYAWADA: After one of the ridge gates in the Dr KL Rao Sagar Pulichintala project was washed away on Thursday, the Water Resources Department said it would consider whether it was possible to replace all existing radial gates with hydraulic ones. . As the blame game over who is responsible for the incident began with the YSRC and TDP taking charge of each other, the panel of experts announced by the state government to investigate the causes of “the accident. Is expected to submit its report within a week. or two, according to Minister of Water Resources P Anil Kumar.

“Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy asked us to investigate whether it was possible to replace all existing radial valves with a hydraulic configuration. So depending on the scope and the need, we will see if hydraulic valves can be put in place after the committee we have formed has done a detailed study. The committee, which will look into the reasons for the accident, will also study all the components of the project and we will resume all the necessary work, ”he told some television channels on Friday.

As a reminder, the Pulichintala project, which is located about 115 km downstream from Nagarjuna Sagar and 85 km upstream from the Prakasam dam, has a total of 24 radial gates. Gate number 16 came loose from the pillars and washed away as officials lifted other gates to drain floodwater downstream. The Water Resources Department has become alert with the unexpected event in Pulichintala and it is learned that it has decided to inspect all major projects across the state as the flood season continues.

The retired irrigation engineers also said the government should take steps to inspect all major projects following the latest incident. “A swept door has never happened in the past, at least in major projects. Even though Pulichintala is a balancing tank, it is indeed a great project in terms of ayacut that it is aimed at. In view of this incident, it is crucial to monitor all projects, ”said a retired chief engineer.

Water Resources Minister Anil Kumar, opposing TDP leader Nara Lokesh, claimed that one of the doors of the Annamayya (medium irrigation) project was also washed out during the TDP regime in the United PA. Another engineer, who worked in both the former AP and the Bifurcated State, recalled that the project, inaugurated in December 2013, had undergone several design changes before reaching its current form.

The retired irrigation manager noted that the number of gates had been reduced to 24 from 33 initially proposed and that the length of the dam had been altered to 355 meters instead of 534 meters. “The project first underwent design changes. Thus, it must be seen whether the incident with the carried away door was due to a mechanical failure or to civil construction work. Since an expert committee, which in fact worked during the design phase of the project, has been formed, we will have a clear picture once it submits its findings, ”added the retired official.

State officials and retired engineers have expressed confidence that the project will receive sufficient inputs this season. “Even though 34-35 TMCs of water were released early in Kharif to undertake the repair work on the project, there is no cause for concern. AP generally receives floods in August and September. This year too, projects in the upper states are overflowing. So we can fill the dam, ”explained the officials and retired engineers.

Soon the report of the expert panel
The expert group set up by the state government to study the causes that led to the collapse of the Pulichintala project ridge gate, is expected to submit its report in a week or two.


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