Giga Berlin had massive rains, an emergency technician came to pump water


The technical rescue organization and firefighters have to pump water to the Tesla Giga Berlin construction site due to prolonged rains. Hopefully the interior is not damaged as the infiltration areas are not yet connected. In this report, I have some details for you about what may have happened at the Tesla Giga Berlin construction site due to the prolonged rains on Thursday.

Due to the prolonged rain on Thursday, huge amounts of water were collected on the roof of the Tesla Giga Berlin factory and dumped on the construction site. The Technical Relief Organization (THW) was on site Friday for a mission lasting several hours. As no infiltration area was connected yet, the water had to be pumped out, as THW confirmed to rbb. The interior of the Giga Berlin factory halls should not be affected. The pumps continued to operate on Friday evening, the THW has since been able to move away.

Firefighters from the area around the Tesla settlement and the technical rescue organization had already arrived on Thursday evening, as the Märkische Oderzeitung first reported.

A user named Rudersdorfer comments on the RBB report and writes: “The flat roofs of the 3 cement plants at the time had to withstand completely different loads. CEMENT; fairly firm; has become hard. From time to time, production colleagues had to be called there and remove the equipment. There was a risk of collapse. In some halls, the cement dust was 10 to 15 cm high. The huge electric motors were encased in cement, but they continued to run without any problems. ”

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