Gasoline and diesel prices hit record highs, AA data shows

Average fuel prices for gasoline and diesel are at an all time high, according to data collected by the AA. The average price of unleaded gasoline is 172.6 cents per liter, while diesel is now 163.3 cents per liter, the highest since the AA began recording refill prices in 1991 .

Gasoline prices are up 27 percent from the same period last year, while diesel prices are up 28 percent.

“We are now seeing record fuel prices in this country. This is very worrying for everyone, but especially for low income families in rural areas who do not know if they will be able to buy fuel for their cars or even heat their homes, ”said Paddy Comyn, communications manager. at AA Ireland.

He said a combination of factors has led to the increase in fuel prices globally. Oil production plummeted at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic around the world and still has not fully recovered and recently hit $ 85 a barrel.

However, it has since settled below $ 80, but in Ireland around two-thirds of the price motorists pay at the pumps are taxes and it can take two weeks for the discounts to reach the pumps.

Low income families

“The cost of the automobile in Ireland is steadily increasing and although there is a tendency to move motorists towards electric vehicles, this appears to be at the expense of families and low income motorists,” said Mr. Comyn.

“It is very expensive when you have a family trying to budget and pay for their mortgage, groceries and general expenses. People in rural Ireland depend on their cars. They do not have the public transport infrastructure to support their daily lives.

“It’s also very frustrating for students who are trying to juggle fees, rent and maintaining fuel for their vehicles, while often working part-time. Prices are only going to keep going up until something is done. Changes must be made, particularly in the area of ​​taxation.

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