Four suffocate to death after “inhaling poison gas” while cleaning borehole


Four men died of suffocation after allegedly inhaling poison gas as they attempted to clean a borehole in the village of Neemka in Nuh on Saturday. Police said they had initiated an investigation procedure under Article 174 of the CrPC, adding that no complaints had been received so far.

The victims were identified as Jamshed (45), Shahid (21), Zakir (17), Yahya (17) from Neemka.

Ajay Veer Singh Bhadana, SHO, Bicchod Police Station, said: “Four people went down to a 10-foot well to open a valve and clean it. The borehole is built on land belonging to the family of one of the deceased [Shahid]. There was about 4 feet of water. It is suspected that they inhaled a poisonous gas that had accumulated inside the wellbore. One person entered the wellbore, then others followed one by one to rescue them. The exact cause of death will be known after the publication of the autopsy report. No complaints have been received to date.

Police said Jamshed, who worked as a laborer, was hired by Shahid’s father Hanif to clean a well on their land to make water available for the next planting season (Rabi).

According to police and villagers, the incident happened around 11:30 a.m. Jamshed was reportedly the first to enter the 13-foot-deep wellbore, which contained about 4 to 5 feet of water.

Arshad, a brother-in-law of the village sarpanch, said Jamshed was fixing a valve and cleaning the borehole when he felt a little short of breath and called for help. Shahid then came down and they tried to fix a pipe. Within minutes, both complained of dizziness and cried out for help. Hanif, who was nearby, rushed to call the villagers.

“It is suspected that gas accumulated inside the wellbore, due to which the two fell unconscious,” Arshad said.

Police said Yahya and Zakir, who were cousins ​​and lived nearby, rushed to the borehole and climbed up to rescue them, but also fell unconscious.

Shahid’s cousin Sakir said: “One person wrapped a cloth around his face and tried to rescue them, but he came back because he was afraid of the gas. After half an hour, their bodies were recovered using a rope and an agricultural tool. All four were rushed to PHC Punhana, where medics declared them dead on arrival. Another villager who felt short of breath while helping them has received treatment and is stable. “

“It’s an unfortunate incident. We have not filed any complaint against anyone, ”he added.

Police said the bodies were taken to Mandikhera government hospital for an autopsy.

Arshad said that because the water table is low in the village, boreholes have been dug to pump the water and these are usually cleaned before the planting season. “It’s now covered,” he added.

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