EOFlow Expands Presence in Wearable Drug Injection Device Industry


EOFlow, a company specializing in portable drug infusion devices, continues to refine its existing line of insulin pumps and expand into other areas.

The company has decided to invest 18 billion won ($ 15.3 million) to modernize the manufacturing plants of EOPump, a key material for the manufacture of its EOPatch portable insulin pump.

EOFlow, a company specializing in portable drug infusion devices, is poised to accelerate new product development while expanding its existing flagship line, insulin pumps, into global markets.

EOFlow explained that he received funding from the Development Bank of Korea to remodel new factories for EOPump and establish production automation.

EOPump is a core power unit applied to the company’s current flagship product EOPatch and other future growth engines including insulin-free portable drug delivery platforms and portable artificial kidneys.

The recent investment was a preventive measure to meet the expected increase in demand for the product.

“A new investment in EOPump aims to internalize the production infrastructure of key drive parts to meet future demands in countries such as Europe, China and the Americas, and we aim to manufacture more of them. one million per month, ”said CEO Kim Jae Jin. .

EOPatch is the world’s second portable insulin pump that continuously delivers insulin to patients. Users can link it to Narsha, a mobile app associated with EOPatch, allowing patients to control the amount of insulin injected and monitor blood sugar levels in real time.

The company developed its portable insulin pump and partnered with the app to improve the quality of diabetes management by helping patients receive and manage insulin therapy anytime, anywhere through their smartphone.

In addition to the insulin pump, EOFlow also made a portable artificial pancreas and aimed to receive approval from the Department of Food and Drug Safety this year. The company’s next-generation product automatically injects insulin based on blood sugar levels in conjunction with the Continuous Blood Glucose Monitoring System (CGMS).

EOPatch was authorized in Europe in May 2019. The company signed an agreement with the Italian pharmaceutical company Menarini to supply it exclusively in Europe. The $ 150 billion contract will run for five years.

The company explained that it plans to launch EOPatch in Europe before the end of the year to successfully enter the global market. It integrates a large part of its capacities for a smooth production and supply of its products.

Insulin pumps aren’t the only products EOFlow is interested in. She created a Pharmeo subsidiary to develop and discover various drugs without insulin to be applied to innovative drug delivery platforms and to ensure a new dynamic of growth.

Together with Pharmeo, EOFlow plans to develop various other medical products, such as non-insulin drugs for subcutaneous injection and portable artificial kidneys.

“We aim to accelerate the development and commercialization of our portable artificial pancreas as it could be a global product in the market as such a system has not been commercialized in Korea and elsewhere,” an official said. ‘EOFlow. “We believe the time to market is approaching as our products received support from regulators when we needed government assistance.”

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