Editor’s Pick: Best of BizSense in 2021

Here’s an end-of-year summary that’s always fun to compile: a list of the best BizSense from the past 12 months.

These include our best reporting, best writing, best photography, most cited characters, and titles that stand out from the crowd.

Special thanks to the hard-working BizSense reporting team for always digging, always meeting a daily deadline, and keeping valuable news every day for our loyal readers.

And a lot of gratitude to these loyal readers, tens of thousands of whom visit our site every day. Thank you for making our news part of your daily routine.

Well done, see you a good year and another to come.

Now here is the list …

Steel rolling: Kinsley makes his mark on the old Williams Bridge Co.

This story had it all from top to bottom: a great title, stunning photographs, and excellent handwriting that captured a day in the lives of the people who made steel and breathed new life into the sprawling old building.

Cannabis dispensary takes over former KFC Short Pump

We were eagerly awaiting to see where the first stand-alone marijuana retail dispensary in the area landed. The fact that he ended up in an old KFC in Short Pump was a gift from the information gods. We’ve done our best to make sure BizSense readers get it first, and to have a memorable first line in the story to grab the reader’s attention.

Demolished 1800s seminary ‘Westwood’ house in Northside

One of our most commented stories of the year, this one was spotted on a journalist’s daily commute. It’s worth re-reading the story and the comments section. Few subjects move Richmondians like the demolition of an old building.

Burgerim franchisee seeks to recoup losses by opening Fatburger stores

It’s a fascinating story that has gone unnoticed during the summer. It’s a story that shows the darker side of the franchise and an entrepreneur trying to make the most of a bad situation.

Hotel reviews reduced in Henrico, Chesterfield due to pandemic

A story rich in numbers and in times of pandemic which, we hope, is unique. We have delved into real estate appraisals on hotel properties, which in many localities are based on the revenue generated by the hotels themselves. The numbers give a side of the story that most hoteliers hadn’t wanted to discuss.

“Fallen out of favor”: Matson asks for 37 months in prison

It has been said that pound for pound, Richmond has more than its fair share of high-profile white-collar criminal sagas. Bruce Matson’s story was one of them, and this story leading up to his conviction showed how every scandal has two sides. As the judge said before sending Matson to federal prison, “Here’s something I’ve learned in 11 years on the bench: Everyone has two sides.

Local restaurants hungry for workers offer higher wages and better benefits

For most of the year, not a day went by that we didn’t hear about the difficulties some companies had in hiring and retaining enough workers. The problem was especially tricky for the local restaurateurs, who graciously shared with us any tips they tried.

Smooth sailing for the marina owner with the suit set and the blooming Lilly Pad

Reading this story gives the impression of watching in real time Max Walraven becoming the new wave king of Richmond’s riverside and yachting social scene. It also makes you feel like there is more to come from Walraven and others along the water.

Kingsland Marina launches boat rental business

The Eck Family List 158 ​​Properties In The Fan As They Exit The Real Estate Market

It was a big, sneaky scoop that required careful scrutiny of property records to show how part of the Fan was about to change hands as the Eck family of Richmond unloaded their real estate holdings.

Medical marijuana operators reflect on industry’s first 12 months in Virginia

Watching an industry emerge from scratch is a rare pleasure for a business journalist and that is exactly what the pace of marijuana has given us over the past year or so. This story sought to take the pulse of the state by speaking to all the major players in the Commonwealth.

Avail Vapor stores go up in smoke amid FDA bureaucracy

Also linked to the smoke, it was quietly a big scoop on the demise of a fast-growing local chain of vape shops that, for a time, were among the region’s most successful retail exports. .

Neighboring businesses disagree over Brookland Park

You can never say what’s going to get the Richmonders to quarrel. In this case, it was a parklet – a term no one had heard of before the pandemic – and it caused a rift between a business owner looking to add visibility and seating to the exterior in front of his store in Brookland Park and its neighbors.

Entrepreneurial Tales: An Overview of the Small Business Owners Cited

Long-time employee-turned-owner cleans with Flagstop Car Wash

Used Land Rover Defender importer moves to Scott’s Addition

New Kent Cornhole Company bags eastern Henrico warehouse for $ 6.7 million

Richmond entrepreneur opens new beer cooler insulation business

Memorable titles of 2021:

Youth hostel buyout: Monroe Ward building sells for $ 1.8 million

Calling all pinball wizards: opening of the arcades on Avenue Altamont

Pastor-turned-pit boss finds room for redemption near Short Pump

Fan’s Cocky Rooster owner feels confident about Short Pump’s expansion

Entrepreneurs who open a board game café don’t play

Photos of the year (slideshow)

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