“E-kaarigar”: masons, carpenters and plumbers connect to Kashmir


Srinagar: Are you having trouble finding an electrician or a plumber? Need help repairing your laptop? Have you waited or are you not satisfied with the service?

If so, try the online service provided by a website that delivers the right “kaarigar” to your doorstep.

After two years of preparatory work, Bhat Abid of the Nawakadal region has developed an online service that offers a range of services from carpenters to henchmen.

“Here in Kashmir, people always face problems in case they need a plumber or electrician and sometimes have to wait for days. Therefore, we came up with the idea of ​​providing the correct “kaarigar” through our website carigar.in. We’ve done the groundwork for the past two years and the website is about six months old. We already have 450-500 workers available like mason, carpenter, plumber, interior designer, laborer, etc. We also have a home appliance and computer repair service, ”said Abid. The Kashmiri Monitor.

He said that although the service was recently launched, the response has been overwhelming and they will be launching an app soon.

“The response has already been excellent, even though we haven’t launched our app. We will launch it shortly thereafter, after which we expect a better response, ”he said.

Abid claimed that the prices for the services provided by them were “reasonable”.

“The client is free to discuss the scenario with the expert, who will then give him a quote. We ensure that the price offered by the professional is reasonable and generally lower than market prices. The charges are calculated on a standardized rate card which is available both on the website and on the app. This price list was generated after a thorough analysis of market rates and keeping in mind the quality provided, ”he said.

“We also have a monitoring system in place where customers rate a particular service provider and this will help us know how good or bad a ‘kaarigar’ is,” he added.

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