Development of advanced Cat quality technologies: CEG

Available from Cat and Sitech dealers, owners can equip Cat Grade hydraulic excavators with Advanced 2D or Cat Grade with 3D.

caterpillar Now offers Cat Grade technologies as an aftermarket option for owners of next-generation Cat mini-excavators in the 6-10 ton range.

Available from Cat and Sitech dealers, owners can equip Cat Grade hydraulic excavators with Advanced 2D or Cat Grade with 3D.

The modular components of the field kit, according to the manufacturer, facilitate quick installation, while the technology integrates seamlessly with the electronic infrastructure of the next generation Cat hydraulic excavators.

The two aftermarket grade technologies mirror the capabilities of larger Cat hydraulic excavators using Cat Grade with advanced 2D or 3D systems, allowing equipment to quickly reach target grade. A separate, 10 inches. The high-resolution touchscreen monitor allows operators to easily view, create and work on site designs inside the cab. The automations offer simple control using a single joystick on the arm and the bucket to maintain the slope and avoid overcuts and undercuts.

Cat Grade with Advanced 2D uses on-board processors and fast-responding sensors to provide real-time guidance of bucket tip and elevation on the touchscreen. This technology gives operators the ability to create and work on basic site designs, while level design changes can be easily made from the operator’s seat. The field installation of the technology includes the hardware, sensors and dedicated monitor for creating, editing and viewing the grade plan.

Using GPS and GLONASS systems to pinpoint the exact location of the excavator, Cat Grade with 3D enables multiple machines to level complex jobsite designs. The monitor displays the bucket position over the full range of digging motion, while audio height and depth alerts indicate when the desired grade has been reached to protect against overcut or undercut.

Beyond the hardware and sensors, including the monitor, required for Grade with Advanced 2D, installing Grade with 3D also requires GNSS receivers and antennas.

Beneficial in a range of applications, including sewer and septic works, digging foundations and flat-bed house development, Cat Grade technologies help operators reduce the number of passes and the time required to make the cuts. They improve grade quality and consistency for operators of all experience levels and can extend the working day by making it easier to work in low visibility situations.

Saving the costs associated with time, labor, fuel and material consumption, Cat Grade technologies allow companies to quickly reach target quality and lower overall operating costs on the jobsite .

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