Defense Intelligence: Putin, as a Terrorist Head of State, Confirmed His Status to the World

Russia’s strikes on the nuclear power plant in Zaporizhzhia, the thermal power plant in Kharkiv and the hydraulic structures in Kryvyi Rih are direct terrorism on the part of the country and its leaders.

This was said by Andrii Yusov, a representative of Defense Intelligence of Ukraine, on the airwaves of the television channel “Espreso”.

“Putin’s statements are an important aspect, because an important component of a terrorist organization takes responsibility when terrorists say they have committed a crime. Putin, as the head of a terrorist state, confirmed his status to the world and said that Russia was deliberately hitting targets of critical infrastructure, energy infrastructure and civilian facilities of Ukraine. On the eve of winter, leaving millions of people without electricity, without heating, without transport connections, in order to destroy the possibility of functioning of the civil infrastructure of Ukraine”, underlined the representative of Ukrainian military intelligence.

According to Andrii Yusov, the terrorist country is also destroying the civilian infrastructure of our state, since it has not had a sufficient number of high-precision weapons for a long time.

“Russia fires X-class missiles at Ukraine – these are obsolete Soviet missiles that mainly destroy civilian infrastructure, such as S-300 complexes, which should function as an air defense system, but are used against targets on the ground. They barely damage defense targets, but civilian infrastructure is destroyed,” said the IUD representative.

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