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Jaso’s J198HPA first shown on the Falcon Tower Cranes booth at Vertikal Days

Spanish tower crane manufacturer Jaso has launched the J198HPA hydraulic lifting crane which debuted on the Falcon Tower Cranes stand at UK Vertikal Days.

According to Jaso, the 18 ton capacity crane is designed to meet the need for a large capacity luffer in the range of 200 to 350 ton-meters for high-rise constructions in congested and busy city centers. ‘other urban projects.

Brand hydraulic cylinder

The J198HPA retains the Jaso brand hydraulic cylinder at the rear end of the tower so that when the crane is parked in its out of service (OOS) position, the piston is fully retracted. This is the strongest position of the ram and it will help extend its lifespan, Jaso said.

The crane has been designed to be quick and easy to erect, optimizing weight and maximizing pre-assembly. The cylinder, for example, comes fully pre-installed, with electrical and hydraulic quick connectors.

The hoist winch is integrated into the boom, allowing users to rig it while it is still on the ground, speeding up / down assembly and increasing safety.

All platforms and handrails are preinstalled which adds to the sleek appearance of the crane. Access has been optimized, Jaso said, which means that a harness is no longer needed to access control cabinets and major access points.

Weight optimization

The weight of the crane has been optimized. The lathe head / swivel table is its heaviest part, weighing a total of 12.1 tonnes. The assembly process, however, is fully adaptable as the component weight can be reduced to 6.8 tonnes if required, allowing assembly with a smaller assist crane.


The complete upper part of the J198HPA can be transported by three trucks and a complete autonomous crane can be moved in five transport units.

Capacity configurations

The J198HPA has a maximum capacity of 18 tons with a three-part line configuration and a maximum peak load of 1.6 tons at 55 meters. It can also be performed in Direct Pull-only mode using a special thin hook block. In this configuration, it has a maximum capacity of six tons and can lift 1.8 tons to 55 meters.

With a two-part line setup, multiple load diagram options are available (maximum loads of 8t, 10t or 12t) and it is easy to switch between them on site, Jaso said.

Optimized arrow

The boom starts at 30 meters and can be increased in 5 meter increments up to a maximum boom length of 55 meters and a minimum OOS of 8 meters. The swing radius with concrete (or optional steel counterweights) is 8.2 meters. With thin steel counterweights, this can be reduced to 7.9 meters, making it easier to pre-assemble the counter-boom later for faster assembly and allow the crane to be located closer to the building.

Tower, base and winch systems

The new hydraulic model uses the standard tower system of 1.75 x 1.75 meters with sections of 12, 6 and 3 meters long providing a maximum headroom of 38.1 meters. To increase the height, the crane can adapt to 2.16 meter tower system and 1.87 meter tower for three beam climbing.

The crane operates with 4.5 x 4.5 meter and 6 x 6 meter cruciform bases, resulting in maximum hook heights of 38.9 meters and 44.8 meters respectively with jibs of 30 meters.

The J198HPA comes with two sets of 45kW hoist winches providing a top speed of 154m / min and a 65kW high speed hoist giving a top speed of 227m / min. The hoist drum can be specified with a Lebus groove and a secondary hoist brake is available as an option.

Ecological fashion

The crane comes with an Eco mode system, allowing it to operate with 75 percent of the crane’s full power (normal mode). In Super Eco mode, it uses 50% of normal power consumption. It allows a crane with a larger hoist motor to work with less current. This helps on sites with a restricted power supply. Eco and Super Eco modes reduce the lifting speed but only when lifting. The hook is lowered at the same speed as when working in normal mode.

The crane was shipped directly from testing in Spain to the Falcon Tower Cranes stand at Vertikal Days in the UK. Falcon has ordered a total of five J198HPAs

Find out about the collaboration between Jaso and Falcon in the development of this crane in the tower crane function in the October issue of Cranes Today.

On the left of the photo: the J198HPA at Vertikal Days


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