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MIAMI (WSVN) – Drivers in the Wynwood, Downtown and Brickell area are probably better off aboard a boat after heavy rains caused flooding on Tuesday.

It may start out as a drizzle, but when it pours, it floods Miami.

“I couldn’t even get out because the doors were blocked,” said an Uber driver.

And it’s not a one-size-fits-all deal.

“Our community cannot access our synagogue all the time because of the water,” said one man.

“We have already identified that there are areas in need of modernization,” said Juvenal Santana, director of public works for the city of Miami.

Santana said the city of Miami has a drainage problem with no easy fix.

“When you’re near the water and you’re in low areas there’s not much you can do,” Santana said.

This is bad news for Brickell Dental Care. Practice director Jonathan Chiscul said he saw stranded drivers and people injured at the reception.

“She fell inside. His whole body went into the water, ”said Chiscul.

He was stuck at work for three hours after closing time to deal with flooding in the dental office.

“The water from yesterday was actually going up here,” Chiscul said. “The water came all the way back, and if you see here, we’ve got some expensive equipment.”

In the three months since they opened their shop here, they’ve learned how to prepare.

“We have to have the sandbags ready,” Chiscul said. “I expect a little more for the Brickell area.”

Santana said the city is working to meet those expectations. It recently secured funding for its stormwater master plan.

The multi-million dollar project will upgrade old drainage systems, add new pumping stations at Edgewater, Wynwood and Brickell, and better connect existing ones so water flows faster.

“A new drainage pump system has been put in place and is active,” Chiscul said. “We are now building the infrastructure that will connect to this station. “

Until the end of the project, Santana said, “So if you know you’re in a flood-prone area, that’s if you have a car that’s going to be parked on the street, park it a few blocks away. of houses. “

Public Works officials expect these high priority projects to be underway this year. They hope that this third pumping station in Brickell will be completed by the end of the year.

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