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The Dunkirk Common Council unanimously authorized the sale of the pumping station on avenue Stegelske, damaged by the fire, to the company that owns the old buildings of the plant it served.

Atwater Capital, LLC, which owns the former True Temper and Great Lakes Printing buildings and now leases part of them to Refresco, purchased the pumping station, which Refresco will take over.

In the workshop leading up to Tuesday’s board meeting, General Councilor Paul VanDenVouver asked Department of Public Works Director Randy Woodbury, “Is it a good idea to sell this?” “

Woodbury replied, “Absolutely, and if (Fire Chief Mike Edwards) was here he would also agree. We had discussions with him, there is no other place in the city where the city provides a pumping station for their fire protection system. So having them do it themselves will be much better from now on. We have worked with them.

“It’s kind of weird that the city has ever owned this thing,” Woodbury noted. “It’s really a city function (of Dunkirk). The city kept him going all this time. At the time when the fire was there (in December), it was managed by the firefighters of the city of Dunkirk and not by the city.

VanDenVouver said he wanted to make sure all council members, Mayor Wilfred Rosas and city attorney, Richard Morrisroe, were in agreement with the sale. No one said they weren’t.

“So basically this washes our hands?” “ asked Nancy Nichols, Board member. Several city officials said she was right.

The city was sued in March by Atwater Capital over the condition of the Stegelske Avenue pumping station after the fire. The station is supposed to supply water to the Refresco fire protection station in the area, and the lawsuit was aimed at forcing the city to make repairs.

The station was originally built in the 1980s to supply Great Lakes Printing Co. and True Temper. These companies have closed and part of their old factory is now used by Refresco for storage.

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