Cat uses the latest technology for improved loaders


The Cat 982 mid-size wheel loader. Image: Track.

Caterpillar has launched two mid-size wheel loaders, using its recently announced technologies to increase productivity and improve maintenance costs.

The Cat 980 and 982 medium wheel loaders have been proven to be 10% more productive than their predecessors, the 980M, 980L and 982M.

Maintenance costs are also reduced by 12% compared to these previous models.

This is made possible by Cat Payload as standard on all 980 and 982 Series loaders, improving the weighing accuracy of bucket payloads to reduce the number of passes made.

Cat Advanced Payload builds on this offering with list management, manual and multitasking add modes, and reporting assistance.

These functions can be integrated with third party software to seamlessly add these new models to any fleet.

The loaders also introduce one-button application profiles, allowing operators to quickly and easily set machine parameters to suit a particular application.

This complements Caterpillar’s Autodig and Auto Set tires to optimize operator uptime.

Maintenance cost savings come in the form of extended intervals for hydraulic checks, reducing downtime. When scheduled maintenance arrives, remote technicians can reduce service travel costs by supporting on-site operators through simple checks and troubleshooting.

Remote Flash allows machine software to be updated in accordance with the production schedule, as update files are sent in the background for installation at the most convenient time.

Improving comfort and convenience for operators is a new cab, featuring a wider door, stair-shaped steps and handrails, as well as an easily accessible hydraulic system for maintenance tasks.

“The new adjustable suspension seat is available in comfort, luxury and premium levels which include heated and heated / cooled options for improved comfort all year round,” said Caterpillar.

“The new loader dashboard and high-resolution touchscreen display provide intuitive, user-friendly loader control for improved performance.

The new models include a push-to-start system requiring a valid operator ID.

Once the machine is operational, a floor-to-ceiling windshield improves visibility, along with a reading camera and Cat Detect radar warning system for 360-degree vision.

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