Built-in pump rental rebuild gives new life to unreliable water pump


The refurbished Sykes CP205i which, with a total drop height of 55 meters, can still handle a flow rate of around 100 liters per second

When a leading petrochemical company lost patience with the unreliability of a trailer-mounted water pump, Integrated Pump Rental provided a cost-effective solution: refurbishment.

The constant failures of the water pump required intervention, but budgets were constrained. When consulted, Integrated Pump Rental was able to offer the option of either an all-new trailer-mounted Sykes diesel pump or a refurbishment that would include the installation of a new end. of Sykes pump.

To make the decision, the pump was disassembled and evaluated in the modern Integrated Pump Rental workshop in Jet Park. After discussion with the customer, it was agreed to carry out a complete overhaul, as the diesel engine driving the pump was also underperforming – further disrupting the operation of the pump at critical times.

Andre Strydom, Rental Development Manager at Integrated Pump Rental, explains that in any refurbishment it is essential to match the customer’s requirements on site with the technical capacity of the pump.

“In this case, 220 liters per second must be pumped to a drop height of 35 meters, and the decision was made to replace the end of the pump with a Sykes CP250i with a 355 impeller which would reliably provide a flow rate. maximum of 280 liters per second, ”explains Strydom. “With a total head of 55 meters, the Sykes CP250i diesel engine pump can still handle a flow rate of around 100 liters per second.


The engine was replaced with a Kirloskar 4K1080TA diesel unit which was tightly coupled to the end of the Sykes CP250 pump, along with the dropped discharge piping.

Acid wash was used to clean old paint and rust, while all non-functional parts were removed down to the fuel tank and chassis. Mechanical improvements were also made to the trailer and included a new manual winch installed to lower the A-frame to make it easier to hitch and unhitch the tow vehicle. Strydom claims that installing this winch system will also reduce the risk of injuries, such as strain on the lower back or stuck feet when the trailer is unhooked.


The turnkey operation was carried out by Integrated Pump Rental with a quick turnaround time and within the customer’s limited budget, without compromising on quality. The complete rebuild, including delivery to site, took less than a month.

Strydom indicates that Integrated Pump Rental also commissioned the refurbished unit at the customer’s site.

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