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West Plains, Missouri – All customers in the Brandsville System Public Water District # 2 will be required to boil their water until further notice, as a precautionary measure starting Monday, December 20, 2021. This is due to the fact that the pump for the well broke, causing low pressure, then no water. . The pumping crew have been called in and are preparing to install a new well pump. It is not known at this time when the water will flow again. Anytime maintenance is done on a water line, it can lead to water contamination, causing everyone to boil their water. This boiling order does not include customers in the area southwest of West Plains or customers of the Junction Hill system.

The water should be boiled until further notice, that is, until samples have been tested and reliable results have been received from the Department of Natural Resources. The water must be boiled each time repairs are made and the system must be sampled and safe results must be received from the MNR lab before we know if the water is potable.

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To ensure water safety, customers should boil water vigorously for three (3) minutes before using it for cooking or drinking. Customers can also sanitize food contact surfaces (dishes) by immersing them for at least one (1) minute in clean water containing at least fifty (50) parts per million (ppm) of free chlorine. Adding one (1) teaspoon of unscented household bleach to each gallon of water (or 1.3 milliliters of bleach per liter of water) should result in a solution containing more than fifty (50) parts per million (ppm) of free chlorine, provided the water is free of hydrogen sulfide and significant levels of dissolved metal and organic compounds.

For more information, contact Robert Hatley at the Districts office, (417) 256-8871.

Water is available at the district office for transportation if you have your own container (s).

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