Azuki NFTs pump 100% before NFT Airdrop

The Azuki NFT Collection went from a floor price (the minimum cost to buy one) of less than 10 ETH in mid-March to around 20 ETH as an airdrop approached.

The NFT airdrop was announced by the Azuki team on the night of March 30 at an NFT party in Los Angeles. All existing Azuki NFT holders have been airdropped two mysterious NFTs.

A total of 20,000 new NFTs were part of the giveaway (Azuki’s total NFT supply is 10,000, the same number in the Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunks NFT collections.).

Azuki Floor Price Rise

Azukis are now the fifth most valuable NFT collection in the world according to whose ranking is based on the floor cap – similar to the market cap in cryptocurrency, it is the floor price multiplied by the supply.

Their price floor is up 12.9% in the past day, 29.5% in the past week, and 114.9% in the past two weeks.

213 sales of NFT Azuki have been made in the past 24 hours, for around 20 ETH ($65,000+) or more. This week one of the most expensive NFT sales in history took place and it was Azuki #9605 which sold for $1.4 million on the biggest NFT marketplace, Opensea.

Azuki’s one-month trading volume of $85 million surpassed that of the CryptoPunks collection and is gaining momentum on the Mutant Ape Yacht Club.

We wrote our Azuki price analysis article when the floor price of Azuki was 9.4 ETH, which caused them to be bullish. The first investors who struck one for 1 ETH in January 2022 are now multiplied by 20 on their NFT investment.

Azuki airdrop controversy

Some on crypto Twitter have praised the airdrop, @MoonOverlord tweeted:

Azuki finally managed an airdrop. No sketchy site, no weird password or login, no gas user fees, just throw NFTs straight into people’s wallets.

Others have suggested insider trading, as the 100% price floor suggests someone must have had inside information about the airdrop beforehand. User @kerfunki job :

BAYC – they knew before us
MEEBITS – they knew before us
AZUKI – they knew before us
NIKE / CloneX – they knew before we did


Others, however, pointed out that Azuki hinted that something was coming, and the Azuki Garden Party event was a telltale sign.

In early March, the floor price of Meebits rose ahead of the announcement that Yuga Labs, owner of BAYC, would acquire the rights to Meebits and CryptoPunks from Larva Labs.

To note – beware of NFT airdrop scams that have seen Bored Apes and other NFTs being robbed. This legit Azuki airdrop was sent to existing wielders. Do not trust random websites or Twitter accounts, even if verified, when they ask you to connect your wallet to receive an NFT airdrop.

NFT Items

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