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Hello, fall! And hello rain, overflowing gutters and stagnant water. When this excess water meets gravity, it quickly builds up in the lowest points of your property and, as many of us in Northwest Washington know, can quickly turn into a fat problem. Designed to drain excess water as quickly as it comes in, sump pumps are the perfect addition to preventing flooding and standing water in your home. Usually placed at the lowest point in your home, they effectively keep your basement or crawl space dry and damage-free.

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While systems that move water have been around for centuries, the sump pump as we know it became common for home use in the mid-1900s. Systems today follow the same basic concept, with a turbine forcing water out of the “sump” – or pit at the lowest point in your home – once the water reaches a certain level. Pumps can be pedestal style (above sump) or submersible (inside sump), depending on the unique needs of your property.

Like all working systems, sump pumps require routine care and maintenance inspections to ensure they continue to perform at peak performance when you need them most. Stuck floats can be a common problem, preventing the pump from turning on or not allowing it to turn off. Lack of electricity can also be a big problem, says Jordan Forbes, plumbing operations manager at Barron Heating AC Electrical & Plumbing. “Bad weather means power outages,” he says, “which can leave your home vulnerable if your sump pump runs on electricity.”

Barron Plumbing’s experienced professionals are well equipped to deal with a range of plumbing issues, as well as faulty or inappropriate equipment. “Swapping out an electric pump for a water-powered or battery-powered unit,” Forbes continues, “is one way to protect your home in the event of a frequent power outage. Knee-high water under your house after high winds and rain is a nightmare, so we will do everything we can to make sure that does not
to arrive.”

Whether your sump pump is imperative or preventative, it is one of those systems that is very important to function properly. before
you really need it. Proper sump pump maintenance and annual inspection guarantees just that – a guarantee that your home will be protected from flooding in the event of a storm, burst pipes, leaks, etc.

Forbes saw first-hand the damage that standing water can do. “Last year we were called because of a bad smell after heavy rains,” he says. “Upon arrival, the client informed us that he had had a French drain installed the previous year due to a wet crawl space. We immediately asked for permission to investigate, and of course we found out nearly two feet of stagnant water throughout space. It was a swimming pool! The French drain was clearly not adequate and unable to divert enough water leading to mold, mildew, saturated heat pipes and short circuits which could have been avoided with a pump appropriate sump. “They even had fungi growing on their foundations and poles! said Forbes. The Barron Plumbing team installed large pumps to drain the crawl space and installed a sump pump system with alarm, ensuring that this kind of disaster will never happen again.

Stories like this are unfortunately not uncommon. A whopping 98% of America’s basements will suffer water damage of some sort and insurance companies pay a staggering $ 2.9 billion a year for water damage and water damage. mold claims. Excess water is a big problem, so when the rains come your house needs good drainage – stat. Let our experienced Barron Plumbing team perform a top-to-bottom inspection of your sump pump. We’ll make sure your system continues to run smoothly when you need it most, giving you both peace of mind and protection for your wallet.

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