Altra Industrial Motion: Stromag launches the SHPU range of hydraulic power units

Stromag has launched its brand new range of SHPU hydraulic power packs, which can be used with Stromag hydraulic brakes and clutches. Replacing all previous HPU models, the new range offers customers simplified specifications, increased modularity and excellent performance in a compact package.

Hydraulic brakes and clutches depend on a pressurized hydraulic fluid supply from the HPUs to operate. Depending on the complexity of the application, HPUs can vary in design and available options. Therefore, specifying an appropriate HPU can be difficult. To solve this problem, Stromag has condensed its old line of HPUs into three models that offer a full range of options and the performance needed to run any of the hydraulic brakes or clutches in the line.

Developed entirely in-house by Stromag, a leading brand of Altra Industrial Motion Corp., the SHPU range is compact and offers great modularity. The SHPU1, SHPU2 and SHPU3 are available for different service requirements, each featuring a highly versatile standard architecture for easy customization. For example, different motors, mounts and tank sizes can be easily accommodated in the same SHPU model. This inherent flexibility means the range can cover the full spectrum of hydraulic brake and clutch applications.

Ease of specification is assured with a public data sheet that shows how each Stromag hydraulic brake performs when using each SHPU model. The tables include opening and closing times for brake and SHPU combinations, with performance data also available for systems incorporating multiple brakes. This useful reference tool allows engineering departments to easily see which SHPU is suitable for specific braking applications and configurations. Additionally, customers can choose a more optimized solution, whether the SHPU is needed to power multiple quick-closing brakes or a single unit that only opens and closes once a day.

Standardized components, such as the manifold, aluminum reservoirs and engine top mount, are shared across the SHPU range, greatly simplifying the integration of additional features. In the case of the manifold, the common design is ready to accommodate additional solenoid valves if hydraulic redundancy is required. In addition, the standardized design of key components allows simple upgrade of additional options and features should the need arise. Standardization also minimizes the inventory of parts required for SHPU maintenance and repair work.

While featuring standardized components, each SHPU has distinct options.

The SHPU1 is a very competitive design which is available with an option: a second solenoid valve integrated into the manifold to provide hydraulic redundancy.

The SHPU2 is also available with this option, as well as manual descent, overspeed detection, clutch release levers, flow limiters, regulated braking, stepped braking (ideal for cranes), filter clogging indicators , drip trays and electrical temperature and oil level indicators. (popular in the steel industry).

The SHPU3 is specifically designed for critical applications that require a tailor-made solution, such as hard braking. Optimized to control multiple brakes, plus all previous options, the SHPU3 features smooth braking, Stromag’s Manual Overload Protection System (MOPS) to release the brakes when needed, accumulators for increased capacity as well as a ready-to-use hydraulic system available.

Electrical controls are also available to support the full range, from simple terminal boxes to Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) ready solutions. The K-PR supports MOPS, soft braking and up to three or four solenoid valves. At the top of the range, the K-SI with SIMAN provides comprehensive hydraulic condition monitoring and certification for severe braking applications. It is IIOT-enabled, giving operators access to live maintenance data and diagnostics to inform preventive maintenance and improve uptime. In addition to SIMAN’s IIoT functionalities, the device is able to control and secure the SHPU by checking the possibility of braking as well as detecting blocked solenoid valves, overpressures and error codes. It allows a secure category 2 braking control system, and a performance level PL=d according to ISO/IEC 13849-1.

Drawing on Stromag’s outstanding application experience as the global OEM of brakes and clutches, the SHPU is ideally suited for cranes in almost any environment. Additionally, it is suitable for marine vessels or platform applications that involve hydraulic brakes and clutches.


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