Acoustex installs a 250 ton Yangli hydraulic press to manufacture molded mats for the new Isuzu D-Max bakkie

Acoustex, a manufacturer of vehicle upholstery components from Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape, recently installed a new 250 tonne Yangli to manufacture molded mats for the new bakkie Isuzu D-Max, due to launch in 2022.

The excitement at the Acoustex factory began in mid-2021 with the preparation of the ground for the new production line. The dedicated line includes the Yangli chassis type single loose-sheet hydraulic stretching press which weighs 39 tons. The floor needed to be reinforced to withstand the heavy pressure and downward force exerted during the molding process.

“The Yangli press, which is made in China, has had an interesting journey to Port Elizabeth,” said Thys de Villiers of TRM Supplies, the press’s importers and installers.

Acoustex, a manufacturer of vehicle trim components from Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, recently installed a new 250 ton Yangli press. Due to its weight and size, the only way to ship it was using a Break Bulk ship. At the time of dispatch, there were not many choices and it took three months to finally get a firm booking on a ship. The other problem was that the ship only used Durban port docks and road transport on a freak truck driving from Durban to Port Elizabeth which took another four days.

“Due to its weight and size, the only way to ship it was using a Break Bulk vessel.
The term Break Bulk refers to trades where cargoes are transported in unified form, such as palletized, bagged, strapped, bundled, in drums and crates, as well as non-unified general cargo, for example vehicles, machinery and steel. All goods that cannot be containerized. »

“At the time of the expedition, there was not much choice and it took three months to finally get a firm booking on a ship. The ship then had to make the journey to South Africa and as freighters are scarce due to the complications of the pandemic, the increase in shipping costs has been appalling.

“The other issue was that this ship only docks at Durban port so we had to use road transport on a freak truck driving from Durban to Port Elizabeth which took an extra four days.”

“The installation then took another two weeks.”

“A hydraulic press is used in a variety of different operations in many different working environments. From manufacturing to compacting, hydraulic presses have many uses. One use of the hydraulic press is to create items such as car parts. From wiper blades to clutches, a hydraulic press can be used to manufacture even the most complex automotive part. Hydraulic presses are used to shape and assemble many products. This includes a variety of different electrical equipment, not just auto parts. Even your thermostat could be made by a hydraulic press.

The import, transport and installation of the 250 ton Yangli press was carried out by TRM Supplies

“In the automotive industry, presses are generally referred to as mold and trim presses and are widely used in the automotive industry to produce a variety of interior components such as dashboards, door panels, interior trim, l insulation and head, trunk, hood, and rear deck liners. The presses can also be used to create firewalls, foam insulation, and to cut metal parts. These automotive mold and trim presses are extremely versatile and can be custom designed to meet a manufacturer’s specific applications.Selecting a mold and gasket press for automotive needs requires analysis of process cost, efficiency and performance. other operational requirements.The creativity and complexity of parts that can be produced with a mold and trim press are endless and limited to sets. sets of individual tools used for forming.

“Acoustex manufactures vehicle trim parts such as mats, parcel shelves, sound deadening components, injection molded tailgate covers, vacuum formed TPO mats and vehicle protection covers and seat covers. headquarters,” said Andre Swartbooi, Acoustex Sales Manager.

“We supply products to automotive customers such as Ford, BMW, Nissan, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz and most recently Isuzu. This project was specifically designed for making carpets for the new bakkie Isuzu D-Max.

The new press will be used to manufacture molded mats for the new Isuzu D-Max bakkie, which is due to launch in 2022

Automakers face many challenges in such a competitive industry. In addition to producing cars that meet consumer demands, cost and volume targets, and ever-changing safety regulations, there are growing pressures to create lighter, stronger parts for better fuel efficiency and ability to withstand shocks.

“Material selection for mold and trim press processes is paramount to the success of automotive manufacturers. Aesthetics, formability, finish, weight, color, touch and feel are all important. Mold and trim produced parts are often required to house and hide wires and electronics, making assembly, maintenance and eventual replacement easier. In our case, the carpets hide the treated metal.

“The single-motion hydraulic sheet stretching press is equipped with automatic loading and unloading operations. The raw material sheet is fed from a decoiler through a straightener and a heating unit into the press, which performs forming, trimming and clamping.

“The table size is 3000mm by 2000mm and the press has a rated force of 2500 KN (250 tons).”

“For deep drawing applications, hydraulic presses offer exceptional flexibility. They also offer programming versatility, which can be used to optimize them for each specific use for maximum productivity and finished product integrity.

“We plan to start producing products in early 2022,” Swartbooi concluded.

For more details, contact Acoustex on TEL: 041 407 4111 or visit or

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