What can I do if I need urgent money without explanations?

Invoices, schools, rentals and mortgages… Fixed expenses grow and grow while our salaries do not increase, which causes us to be fair and any extra expenses mismatch the accounts. There are many occasions in which we find ourselves before the thought I need financing and we do not know where to go.

However, today thanks to the Internet and the proliferation of private equity companies, it is very easy to get money fast. We explain how to get urgent money today for what you need.

Who do I go to at the time I need financing?

If you need money instantly, you have several possibilities. These are the most common alternatives to get a loan without payroll:

  • Bank: It is the first thought that comes to everyone at the head, since the tradition sends to the bank when financing is needed. However, although they have advanced a lot, the procedures are usually not very agile, so they are not the best solution when we need urgent money.
  • Mini credits: Thanks to their online processing, they are the best option to obtain urgent money, since a mini credit can be requested and obtained in less than 1 hour. To request a quick credit you only need to be of legal age, reside in Spain, have an active account number in your name and have a regular source of income that allows you to meet the payment of the loan. If you meet these requirements, you no longer have to worry when you think you need financing.
  • Family or friends: If you have someone to lend you money, it is the best option to get loans on the spot. However, we do not always want to give explanations about our financial situation, or sometimes we do not have anyone around us who can loan us money.

From the moment you think you need money urgently until you have the money in your account you can spend less than an hour thanks to the mini-loans. Fill out our application will not take more than 10 minutes and as soon as we have verified your information we will contact you. The time depends on your speed in sending us the documentation and also the account number that you provide us. If you provide us with an account number of one of the banks with which we work, you can have the money in your account today, since the transfers are immediate. If not, it may arrive the next day in the morning.

How long will it take to get my mini loan?

How long will it take to get my mini credit?

On the other hand, if you ask for the credit outside working hours, we will take longer to give you an answer, since we verify one by one the requests to avoid identity fraud.

Get financing in 3 steps: Thanks to the mini fast loans online you can get money urgently in less than 1 hour. You just have to enter our main page, use our loan simulator, enter the amount and time, fill in the form and send the request. We will contact you to finalize the procedure and you can start enjoying your loan without payroll today.