Loans for taxi drivers

When it comes to loans for taxi drivers , on the Internet we can find a wide range of financing, such as credits in 24 hours with little interest, mini-credits, etc.

There are many conflicts that currently exist among taxi drivers in the country, as they see companies such as UBER and Cabify as intrusive within their work field.

That is why many of them see the need to resort to quick money so their only option is personal loans or credits for taxitas .

Loans for taxi drivers depend on the private equity lenders to grant them by guarantee of the taxi license.

Loans for taxi drivers with a taxi license

Loans for taxi drivers with a taxi license

The loans for taxi drivers are granted by guarantee of the taxi license.

How much can be requested by means of loans for taxi drivers will depend on the value of the guarantee provided with the license of your taxi. The appraisal of the same round between 80.00 euros to 140,000 euros.

Currently, in many cities of the country, licenses for taxis are no longer issued, and the only way to obtain them is by buying it from someone who is retiring, or who, for certain reasons, wants to sell it.

The taxi license is a reliable guarantee to grant loans for taxi drivers of up to 30,000 euros.

Two types of loans for taxi drivers are:

  • Loan for taxi license: loan with mortgage guarantee for the acquisition of the first taxi license.
  • Taxi driver loan : fixed rate loans , with agile repayment plans adapted to each one of the needs, without the daily rhythm being altered by irregular payments.

Loans for taxi drivers with BBVA

BBVA currently has an agreement with the national union of free associations and autopatronos of the Taxi, through which taxi drivers from all over Spain can request financing for loans for taxi drivers .

This treaty allows the bank to increase its client base with more than 18.00 clients currently. It will allow all drivers access to more reasonable financing conditions.

Modalities of credit offered according to its purpose:

  • Purchase of licenses.
  • Adaptation of vehicles.
  • Purchase of vehicles.
  • Vehicle leasing.
  • Renting of vehicles.

This collaboration agreement will allow BBVA to increase its market share with this group up to 20%.

Facilities to obtain loans for taxi drivers with a taxi license

There are many types of facilities that can be accessed when financing loans for taxi drivers by taxi license, regardless of whether you belong to a payroll or if you are on a list of defaulters.

Some of them are:

  • You can pay your credit in comfortable installments.
  • If you are unemployed, your credit for taxi drivers will be granted .
  • They will only ask for a guarantee of the taxi license.
  • It does not matter if you do not belong to a payroll.
  • It does not matter if you are on an Financial Credit Institutions list.
  • They will not charge fees in advance.
  • You do not need a proof of income.

All this to settle within a period of 1 year up to 5 years maximum.